The Beast

Now I refer to The Beast quite a bit on my blog, usually accompanied with photos but I thought I would add a page full of photos! Plus if I mentioned The Beast without mentioning that it is my cat, which does happen, it might make more sense. Now I say sentences in real life that raises a few eyebrows, for example;

I'm going home to stroke The Beast

This does cause confusion and funny looks so I usually follow it with "my cat is called The Beast".

Now he is also an elderly chap with the tumour, 18 years old but only started living with us last December, Friday 13th December to be precise so given that he was given two months to live three months ago we treasure every moment with our little precious boy, even if it is 4am when he decides he wants a stroke, or just wants to sit on top of my chest, close to my face, waking me with his whiskers every time he turns his head! He is adorable!

Sadly The Beast passed away 8th July 2014. He will forever missed and in our hearts.

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