Saturday 10 August 2013

KIKO Water Eyeshadow - 207 Sepia + 228 Taupe

With the weather turning rather autumnal I've started to think about little updates to my make-up collection, I was instantly drawn to this eyeshadow after seeing it in Heat magazine and I was really pleased I ordered them. I did think about ordering the emerald green as featured in the magazine, I love green so always feel compelled to buy the green version of anything instead this time I tried to for colours I knew would suit my eye colour. 

Both are quite similar tints when applied, both dark, dramatic, glistening. The taupe with a hue of violet and the sepia a dark brown. The eyeshadow went on easily and evenly, it was easy to build up a dramatic effect but I could also use it in a more subtle way to line my eyes and use a lighter colour on the lid. The eyeshadow lasted for hours but was easy to remove later on and didn't irritate my eyes at all like some glittery effect shadows can. I would highly recommend this water eyeshadow, there are 32 shades to choose from ranging for the darker tones I chose to shocking bright shades of orange and purple. I only wish I would have ordered more.

For free shipping to the UK you need to spend £49 although it is free with your first order, minimum order is £25. They also have an amazing sale on at the time of typing this. 

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