Wednesday 28 August 2013

Models Own Lip-Stix - Raspberry Cool

Models Own Lip-Stix in Raspberry Cool

This was another impulse purchase, a bit of a blind buy as it was pretty impossible to tell the colour from the website I ordered it from and I couldn't be bothered to research it, I just wanted to try the Models Own Lip-stix having never tried them before.

Good job I'm attempting to acclimatise myself to pink lipstick as this one is super pink, bright, loud pink and I love it. There is nothing about this product I don't like, at first I wasn't sure about the "taste" but when its on it reminds me of blush pears. This pencil is a bit drier going on than most but this is a good thing. The colour is bright with the first coat, doesn't bleed but doesn't leave the lips feeling dry either, it feels as if it gets moister the longer you leave it on and without wiping it off it lasts for as long as you want it to. I could swear it makes my lips look plumper too!

The Lip-Stix come in 8 different colours, Coral Kiss, Ravishing Red, Raspberry Cool, Awesome Apricot, Beauty Blush, Very Berry, Pretty Pink and Purple Pleasure. I love the look of them all and am super impressed with the one I have tried, I just know I'll end up with one of each.

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