Saturday 10 August 2013

What's in my GLOSSYBOX August 2013 - High-Flyers

The months roll into one at the moment, I hadn't realised it was time for another Glossybox which was a nice surprise this morning. The theme of the box this month is High-Flyers, so products for girls on the go. A really nice collection this month with two trials and three full size products.

Emite Make Up - Eyelash Curler Full size (Full size of course!: Approximately £20)

There aren't many things I can say about eyelash curlers as I don't buy them I just use them. I've had many free ones in my time and most are exactly the same. With this one you can tell it is good quality, it is heavier, it feels sturdy and you don't feel like something is going to fly off when you press it together. I'm really happy with this product and it comes with four refill pads.

Urban Veda - Neem + Botanics range - Purifying Day Cream 10ml (Full size: £12.99 for 50ml)

A pore refining, mattifying daily cream for oil-prone skin. It smells very much of witch hazel and tea tree oil which is always a good sign. A little spreads a long way and lave my skin feeling fresh and slightly tingly. I have quite oily skin and a lot of moisturisers leave me feeling greasy but this has left my skin feeling soft and dry without being drying. This product is also vegetarian society approved.

TRESemmĂ© - Keratin Smooth Concentrated Rinse Off Treatment Shot 15ml (Full size: £1.49 for 15ml)

A mini or travel sized rinse off hair treatment. I've not cracked the seal but I can smell it already and it smells gorgeous. I used to use conditioner everyday but have found my hair benefits more from weekly deep condition especially as it can get quite greasy. I don't have any doubt that this will work wonders on my hair and is perfect size to take on holiday.

Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow Full size (Full Price: £10.50)

A new launch in the Jelly Pong Pong range. A 2-in-1 eyeliner/shadow, a thick crayon that goes on smoothly although I rounder the tip first. I received the black crayon it was great for creating a smoky eye effect and the eyeliner looked strong on top afterwards so great to smudge or leave as it is.

Océane Make-Up Remover Pen Full Size (Full Size: Not available in the UK yet)

A handy tool. I usually do what everyone else does and use a cotton bud and a bit of make-up remover, when I can find them. This pen makes it more precise, easier to touch up eyeliner Having only just made the effort to get a corrector pen for my nails I'm happy to try any time saving products.

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