Wednesday 21 August 2013

EOS Organic Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm Honeysuckle Honeydew
Spending more than £5 on a lip balm may seem excessive but as I've learnt you can't put a price on smooth lips. Why wear a £20 lipstick if your lips aren't up to scratch? A primer can do wonders for your face, laying a perfect foundation before you add, well, your foundation. A lip balm should be viewed in the same light, not just to keep lips moist and protected but smooth making a perfect base for lipstick. As I was to discover not all lip balms are the same.

I don't have a good history with lip balm, I'm not going as far to say I have a bad history, that would be a bit too dramatic, I'm just lousy at using lip balm up. I love to buy it although my main concern is always what the smell is, not how well it will work. I'm more likely to lose it than use it up but I don't really care. Recently I've started to care as I've noticed that my lack of perfect lip balm use is really evident in my chapped lips.

EOS Lip Balm on my lips

I had initially dismissed the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm as a bid of a fad, a celebrity trend, but when I saw the honeysuckle honeydew version I decided to give it a go. The golf ball like shape of the lip balm is perfect for application to both lips in one go, not that it saves much time but it just gives the perfect coat in one swoop. Having used this for a couple of weeks I'm happy to say there is a great difference between this and a £2 lip balm, which I wasn't expecting. Most lip balms go on thick and greasy, creating an oil slick on your lips, an impossible surface to then apply lipstick the EOS Lip balm creates a perfect, thin level of smoothness, making it a perfect primer. My lips feel incredibly soft and moisturised, it feels light meaning I don't feel the need to wipe it off after while like others and can have a drink without leaving a slime trail on my cup. I never thought I would  but I would really say this lip balm is worth the extra money. Whether you have problems with chapped lips or you want to create the perfect base before applying lipstick this is the perfect lip balm to go for.

There are so many different "flavours" in the collection, in full Blueberry Acai, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Medicated Tangerine & Lemon Drop with SPF 15, so plenty of choice. Although you might not be able to pick them up at your local supermarket it is worth searching on Amazon if you are after a particular flavour, there are also multi-packs available if you can't make up your mind. In the UK the Bath & Body Shop has some great deals on them, currently at £4.99, £8.99 for a duo pack. A lot more expensive than the cost of them in the U.S.A. but I still think they are worth the extra money.

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