Friday 10 May 2013

Rimmel - Lasting Finish Lipstick - True Vintage (Rimmel - Black Cherry Successor? #3)

My third and final lipstick in my hunt for a successor to Rimmel's Black Cherry. This time an actual Rimmel lipstick, the shade is a lot lighter to what I remember Black Cherry to be, colour wise the previous two lipsticks have been closer, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry & Barry M Lip Paint in Black Cherry but I am aware that rose tinted spectacles (very 90's!) apply with nostalgia!

The colour of the Rimmel True Vintage actually reminds me of the 90's, a time when as a teen natural actually meant brown, this shade is more on the brown side than the others I've tried but not as brown as the lipstick looks on its own compared to how it looks on the lips. I like the shade but I have a similar problem with the application of the lipstick, I got it everywhere. My lips are a bit wonky so I do sometimes have problems trying to make them match so need to apply a couple of coats. I found when I did apply more than one coat of lipstick it ended up bleeding around the edges but I was able to fix this with a cotton bud.

All three lipsticks are a similar shade when on, although, the Barry M lip paint is redder. Out of the three I tried my favourite is actually the least like the original Rimmel Black Cherry, that is Barry M Black Cherry the reason why this trumps the others is solely because it applies easily and doesn't bleed, a quality hard to find with dark lipsticks. The Revlon one is great applied with a brush and the Rimmel one is nice when blotted down to a fairly light colour. I don't feel like I've wasted my money with any of these lipsticks and it has encouraged me to take better care of my lips.


  1. That shade looks great :) x

    1. I do love it. It's a great shade for the day, it takes me back to my teens!