Wednesday 29 May 2013

W7 Naked Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

The W7 Naked Nudes Eye shadow Palette was one of my bargain buys from Leek. I picked this up from B&M Bargains for £1.99, although it can be easily picked up online for a quid or two more. As mentioned in my Leek post I picked this up to try as I'd resisted splashing the cash and picking up one of the Urban Decay naked palettes earlier in the year. I like nudes, browns suit my blue eyes so rather than a trial with the colour it's more of a trial of quality.

I'm more than impressed with this set, to be honest I didn't expect much. There is only one drawback with this cheap set and that is the strength of the colours. As you can see from my hand above, the only strong shade is the brown, the rest are really light but saying that, they are great to work with. I always like to use a light colour just below my brow and a slightly darker but still light colour over my whole lid when going for a "natural" look, I just wish another of the eye shadows was a bit stronger. Working with all the shadows on the palette I was able to build up a nice effect as shown below.

This was done using only the eye shadows in this set. The eye shadows didn't irritate my eyes in any way, it also didn't feel cheap or smell cheap. There was one factor I did think would come in to play when using a cheap brand and that was how quickly it would fade. But it didn't, I wore it for six hours before going to bed, who knows how much longer it would have lasted if make-up remover hadn't come in to play.

Above is the full effect with mascara, using the darker eye shadow on my bottom lashes. It is a very natural, slight look but it lasted the night, at £1.99 its a fantastic buy.

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