Friday 17 May 2013

Givenchy Noir Couture Four in One Mascara

Givenchy Noir Couture Four in One Mascara

I received this mascara in my May 2013 Glossybox. Usually with miniatures I save them as they're handy for when I do travel, this one felt smaller than the usual trial mascara so I decided to try it out straight away as I felt I'd get three goes out of it at the most.

This mascara comes with a tri-spherical brush, I'm not that bothered about there being three but I do like mascara brushes with a ball on the end to help work the end and the underneath lashes. I really couldn't tell the full benefit of this brush with the trial mascara being so small the brush was only 2.5" long including the handle so a little tricky to apply. I think with the full size version the brush would be great though.

The overall effect for me wasn't as dramatic as I expected. I applied three coats but still don't have a build up as dramatic as the Benefit they're real mascara but it does still make a nice evening mascara. It was clumpy, although I don't think I've ever found a mascara that works well without using a tissue to remove most of the mascara from the brush. I worked my lashes through with a clean dry brush which improved them tenfold.

Mascara on the left only
One really positive thing is that the mascara seems to last without flaking. After applying and leaving for ten minutes I was able to rub my finger along my lashes without any mascara coming off onto my finger, something a lot of other mascaras do. I can imagine this will last the night, only coming off when I want to remove it.
Overall effect with full make-up
At £22.50 I'm not convinced this mascara is worth the extra money, I think you could get the same effect from a £10 mascara but possibly without the longevity. I would have been preferred to have tried the Givenchy Phenomen`Eyes Mascara, I like the brush and I think I could get a more theatrical effect from it.

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