Sunday 26 May 2013

Wedding Guest Outfits

Outfit I put together via the ASOS Fashion Finder
So far I have one wedding invitation this year, none of my friends are getting married except Alison and Tim. I'm really looking forward to this wedding and have really been thinking about what to wear even though I'm not going to be 100% sure whether I can make it until last minute due to the surgery.

I put together the outfit above via ASOS Fashion Finder. This would be my ideal outfit if I could afford it, I can't at the moment so instead I've set about finding and creating a couple of cheaper options. James did buy me the shoes and handbag though, these will both be worn for certain.

I have two outfits in mind the first a floral affair.

The yellow blazer is by Louche from Joy, I picked this up a while back for £30. The faux coral Art Deco style necklace I bought just last week from eBay. I had been coveting a piece like this for a while and there were plenty to choose from on eBay I just had to wait until I could get one at a decent price. I love this necklace and will be wearing it as often as possible. The rose print dress is from Topshop but old stock, I bought this on ebay recently for £13 including postage, specifically for the wedding. I wanted something loose and stretchy in case I have had the surgery, I didn't want something fitted around the insertion points. Now I'm 5'10", my legs aren't at their best and won't be until I can get back in to my exercise routine so I wanted something a bit longer underneath. I had planned on just wearing a slip but I tried it on with this pale pink dress from H&M and loved how it looked under the dress when worn. Now they just need an iron.

The second item is this pastel number. I was originally thinking I would wear this dress with the yellow blazer from Joy but as the colour of the blazer is more of a mustard yellow I didn't think it quite sat right with the pastel mint colour of this dress. The dress I love, I bought it on eBay for £9.55. If you search for it on eBay it is called vintage Korea pleated sleeveless belted chiffon mint green dress - a slight mouthful but while the seller I bought it from still has it up you can find it here. The animal print coat I've had for years from Warehouse, I remember that I bought it in the sale for about a tenner. It's a bit tight at the moment but I think I can get away with it, it will also keep my dress down if its a windy day. I also plan to wear my coral necklace with this outfit, I want to wear it with everything. If I don't, I'll go with multiple short gold chains and sparkly stud earrings.

Now these are the shoes and bag I will wear with either outfit. I sometimes struggle to find shoes and bags that look smart and cute that aren't leather or suede, I'm always on the search for polyurethane items I love! My partner bought these for me recently. The shoes are New Look but bought from ASOS for £19.99, the bag was bought from ASOS for £13.

Now the make-up I'll think about later, I'm not going to fixate on which outfit to wear until I know I can definitely go but at least I feel prepared.

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