Friday 3 May 2013

Revlon - Nail Art Moon Candy - Galactic

I've been waiting to try these for what seems like forever, none of the shops in town had it so I resorted to ordering online without knowing what I really wanted. I ordered a couple with a dark base coat the first being Galactic.

I ended up applying the base coat a day before I did the top, unfortunately this led to some chipping which is noticeable around the edges and at the tips not that I'm the neatest at applying polish but uneven edges do annoy me. This wouldn't have been a problem if I would have either applied the top coat straight away or added the top coat to all of the nail but I wanted to see how easily I could do the tips. The tips would have worked better if I would used a separate brush but I prefer the effect over all of the nail. The random pieces really sparkle and I do love the look over the navy base. 

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