Monday 27 May 2013

Gene Tierney's Eyebrows

Having recently re-watched Heaven Can Wait (1943) a fantastic film and watched Leave Her to Heaven (1945) for the first time, also a fantastic film, not only have I been blown away by these films but I have also fallen in love with Gene Tierney. She was such a beautiful woman, a fantastic actress with such a traumatic background. I realise with a background like hers talking about her beauty might seem a bit superficial but her personal life didn't stop her from becoming a fabulous actress. With her talent she left a legacy and I would urge you to seek out her films, especially the two above but also The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) and to read about her life, there are some fantastic sites and blog posts dedicated to this but for the bare bones information just check out wikipedia.

Gene Tierney could go from looking lost, innocent to looking like a femme fatale. Beautiful bow lips, petite nose, wide eyes and what I'm fixated on, her eyebrows.

My eyebrows have been pretty much the same since I was 15. As soon as a hair grows out of place I have to pull it out. I don't hate my eyebrows, they do suit me, I just want my eyebrows to look like Gene's. While I'm stuck at home I'm trying to grow them out. How I'm hoping to do it is by letting them grow out a bit at a time to test the waters and still plucking them slightly until I can see I can fill out the bit between the inside of the eyebrow and the arch.

These are how my eyebrows look at the moment. There may not seem like much to grow out to get to where I want but I really have a way to go to get my desired look, eyebrow growth isn't consistent. Once I've managed to grow out where I need to I will go about plucking so they look more like Gene's which will mean thinning them out a bit at the centre.

Changing your eyebrows can really change your whole look so I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome, if I can be patient.

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