Friday 10 May 2013

nails inc - Feathers - Brighton

nails inc - Feathers in Brighton

A couple of months back I tried out two other shades from the nails inc feathers range, York & Chester, pretty much immediately after I ordered Brighton. I love the blue and yellow, it's really fresh and bright. In the photo above I've only applied the one coat over my existing nail varnish, Essie's Nice is Nice, previously I'd just used this effect nail varnish over clear varnish and had to apply quite a few coats to get a build up. I love using the one coat over a different shade to the feathers this also means it dries within minutes. I found that I had to file the ends afterwards though to stop myself from scratching my face all the time but now it feels completely smooth. I can speak from experience that this varnish is a lot easier to remove than glitter, which is always a bonus!

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