Monday 13 May 2013

What's in my GLOSSYBOX May 2013 - 2nd Birthday Box

It isn't that long since I received the last Glossybox, certainly not a month, not that I'm complaining about this. This box marks the 2nd "birthday" of Glossybox, unfortunately the contents this time are a bit of a let down, all of them were quite small so I decided not to take individual photos. I think I was expecting a little more to make their anniversary and maybe I've been spoiled with the last two I've had but the contents just hasn't wowed me this time. With boxes like this nobody will be pleased all the time and this is just want of those times for me, does this put me off Glossybox? Not at all, you cant win them all!

Givenchy - Noir Couture Mascara 1.5g (Full Size: £22.50 for 8g)

I always like trying new mascaras, unfortunately this sample is a bit on the small side. As it is small I won't be saving this for a future holiday make-up bag, instead I will trial it and blog about it in the future.

Caudalie - Divine Oil 15ml (Full Size: £4.05 for 15ml, £25.00 for 100ml)

My favourite item from the box. I used the DHC deep cleansing oil this year after I received it in a Glossybox, I loved it. I'd never considered using oil on my face, I have oily skin so to me it seemed to be counteractive - I know this isn't always the case but it just stuck with me. I haven't tried this yet, it has multiple uses, it can be used on the face, body, hair or nails - everywhere external. I think I might use it in the same way as the DHC product, applying it to a dry face and then washing it off or in the bath as it smells rich and looks sumptuous.

Premae - Harmony Balm 10ml (Full Size: £27.50 for 30ml)

A conditioning creme balm for combination skin. This balm overs 15 hours moisture, skin protector when applying foundation and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Lemongrass Oil also promises to calm breakouts and reduce excess oil in the skin. This balm offers further benefits from long term use, smoother, more radiant, continued reduction of excess oil and less breakouts. I only have a small pot to trial so I may not get to experience the full results although it suggests to use sparingly.

nails inc - Portobello 4ml (Full Size: £11 for 10ml)

I always like a mini nail varnish, I like to save them for my holidays. Unfortunately this year I have accumulated quite a few of these and with no chance of a holiday this year I do worry I will be overwhelmed with them! This shade is hot though, a neon orange. Unfortunately my skin is very pale at the moment, this colour would a lot better on darker skin.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics (formerly BM Beauty) Prime & Create Mixing Medium 2.5g (Full Size £20 for 20g)

This is an interesting product that I'm looking forward to trying. It can be used on its own as a primer or can be combined with mineral powders and pigments to create eyeshadow, blusher or a foundation. The pamphlet in my glossybox suggests mixing it with a foundation to produce an airbrush effect - this I have t try! 

The last item was just a bonus, a pack of mini emery boards, always handy, I need to put them in my handbag before I forget!

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