Friday 29 November 2013

Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick in Vintage Pink

Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick in Vintage Pink £8.00 Amazon

I always find when trying a new range of lipsticks for the first time it's best to go to the opposite ends of the spectrum when choosing two colours. I love the tulip red but having recently grown fond of natural, nude style lipsticks I found it hard to resist this vintage pink.

When ordering online it is hard to tell the true colour, living in the middle of nowhere this is the risk I need to take every now and then. The colour isn't quite as dark as it looks on the pencil but instead if you just judged it by the name, vintage pink, you would be bang on the money. This is a really light pink, think 60's style. Although this lipstick is a light colour this doesn't come down to it being just a slightly tinted, weak lippy. Whatever your natural lip shade, this lipstick will cover it up leaving you with incredibly light, pretty pink lips. Another lipstick that will work perfectly with a cat eye flick for the ultimate retro look.

The colour is fantastic but as it isn't dark it doesn't stain, with the usual blotting routine the lippy does last depending on what you plan on doing with your lips, talking, drinking, eating, it will wear away but reapplication is hardly a task and carrying around this pencil lippy is never going to be an issue. 

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