Saturday 16 November 2013

Barry M Cosmetics - Lip Paint - Pale Nude (LP154)

Barry M Cosmetics Lip Paint in Pale Nude £4.49 (RRP)

As a rule I don't usually do nude lips, I love the look on others but rarely aim for that look myself. However my love for MAC Creme D'Nude is still going strong and I've almost decimated that lipstick with the amount of make-up stylings I've used pale lips with. Now although I wasn't looking for a replacement, whilst window shopping I came across the Barry M lip paint in pale nude and although I didn't purchase it straight away it was on the 'to buy as soon as I have more money' list. I've finally picked it up and I'm incredibly impressed.

I'm so used to buying lipsticks that are £8+ I don't really have much hope for cheaper lippies, although I'm not snobbish I'm usually willing to try but bad experiences when younger mean I have a few reservations. This was even more of a bargain as I bought it from Amazon for £2.99 which is super cheap. 

I applied a little bit of lip balm beforehand as my lips have been quite dry (I blame the EXTREME cold), I was also expecting the lip paint to be slightly drier but it slicked on easily and blended in really well. I think I prefer this to the Creme D'Nude as this is slightly pinker and stands out from my skin a little more whereas the Creme D'Nude is a perfect nude for me as it is very close to my skin tone, the difference might not be that obvious but I really find the colours quite distinct and both will always have a place in my make-up bag. I honestly can't tell the difference in quality, it's very similar to the MAC, it feels nice on, not too drying nor greasy so very comfortable to wear and it lasts just as long. Even at £4.49 this lip paint is super impressive. As always Barry M is a superior brand for the price.


  1. Well that's a good find, especially if you prefer it to MAC! And for £2.99 it's unarguable! MUST give this a go myself!


    1. It's such a bargain especially for the quality, good old Barry M strikes again! xx

  2. What a lovely shade and at a bargain price too. Great find x