Friday 15 November 2013

Goodbye GTA V, Hello Life?

Well that time has come, it felt like the end of a holiday, it has been done, finito, the end, completely completed, 100%. What exactly do I do with my life now? Oh I know the melodrama has kicked in but after waiting all those years for the next release for it to be finally over I feel a little bit lost. I can still play it and I am still playing it I just haven't much to progress with now although I still want to one day be able to buy the super expensive golf club.

My client ntoes

I really hope there will be dlc for story mode as well as online, I'm not very active with online play, I will go on now and then but it feels so tense and I really like to take it easy with my game play which is why I love GTA the other night I simply got a bicycle and took a nice ride through the hills, simple pleasures!

I have plenty of other games to play just nothing that engrosses me as much. I think it's possibly time for me to finally unwrap Portal 2 but other than that, what next?

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