Sunday 24 November 2013

Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick in Tulip Red

Photos taken in natural light

Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick in Tulip Red £8.00 Amazon

Lord & Berry are one of those brands I've been meaning to try for a while, I remember purchasing some of their products from ASOS a couple of years back but ended up giving them away as presents as they were all so beautiful. Finally I have some items to try myself, starting with the 20100 lipstick in Tulip Red.

Simply a beautiful lipstick pencil. I've gotten into the habit of applying lip balm underneath but I had to wipe this off and start again. It applied softly like a lip balm but this doesn't mean the colour is sheer, instead there is a vibrant, solid depth to the colour which shines through but it also feels as if it nourishes the lips keeping them soft. I'm really beginning to prefer using pencils to draw on lipsticks that are so rich in colour. I love to draw an outline around my lips like I would with a lip pencil before filling them in and blotting, then reapplying just a touch. I find this to be the perfect recipe for long lasting lips. Does this product last? Yes, when doing my usual routine my lips lasted as long as I needed, I also found the colour stained a little which is always my preference. I do love a lipstick you have to remove before bed. 

After all these years of waiting I'm rather impressed with the quality and the colour, time to pick up another shade! 


  1. lovely colour, looks great with your skin tone
    elizabethsophiee x

    1. Thanks dear, sometimes I'm very happy to be rather pale! x

  2. Yes you are right, "simply beautiful lipstick"!
    Your new follower,
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  3. I'm in love with this colour)
    Red lipsticks are my favorite))
    Xoxo Christy

    1. It's fabulous for the price, the colour is so strong! xx