Sunday 24 November 2013

Christmas Wrapping - Dresses - Part One

Christmas Wrapping - Dresses Part One

Oasis Sequin bodycon dress - £68 // Gold Metallic Sequin Dress - £35  // Long Sleeve Wrap Dress by Oh My Love - £39 // TOPSHOP Duchess Satin Skater Dress - £70  // Eliza J Burnout Lace Skirt Dress - £130 // Swing Cocktail dress - £115

Party season is around the corner, whether it be a work do, a night out with friends or just Christmas with the family it's all a good excuse for new dresses and full glitz! I always love retro dresses as they're usually slightly longer but I also love stretchy, sparkly dresses especially with a slouchy casual jumper over the top. It's hard to pick just one. Part two to follow! 


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, although I would take them all, the length of the first really swings it for me! x

  2. Really pretty dresses! I would wear any of those, but I'm specially in love about the forth one!