Sunday 21 September 2014

Sunday Weigh-in: Short Update

Now this won't be much of an update, it hasn't been much of a week. My gran is still very ill in hospital, I've been visiting daily but to be honest she really hasn't been concious. I did skip a visit today and apparently she was a lot more talkative! Anyway, It's been a busy week, I mentioned last week I was at breaking point with everything and the same thing stands pretty much.

We've cancelled our holiday but fortunately I was granted last minute leave starting Wednesday afternoon. I've been concentrating on visiting my gran, looking after my mum and somewhat trying to rest although I've been panicking and not sleeping well so even though I've not been in work since Wednesday lunchtime I still feel shattered with everything. I will take a two week holiday at some point once we are on track with grandma, if she recovers, hopefully she will.

So back to the point of this post, health and fitness, I can't really say I've taken a break as nothing has changed that much but I haven't been logging my food so that it saves me a little bit of time and I made the decision to rest from exercise just from this week. I did think I would do it at the weekend but I was still juggling visiting hours with housework AND trying to rest a bit so I decided on rest rather than exercise. Now next week might be just as frantic but I will also be back of work as of Tuesday but I will be trying to get back on normal.

I have been trying to get my steps as close to 7,000 daily as I could - it's not so bad with visiting but it does make a big difference not going to walk as I clock up about 3,000 just getting there and back! Not quite there today but I'll be making sure I get up to 5,000 at least!

I've not been going overboard but as I say I haven't been logging food so I've been mainly sticking to three meals rather than my two light meals and plenty of snacks followed by a standard 600 calorie (on average) tea.

Short Term Goals
For now I'm just going to worry about my gran and my family.

Long Term Goals
Just to be fit, fabulous and wearing skin tight bat print trousers.

Anyway I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am!


  1. We seem to be in very similar positions this week, it's so difficult struggling visiting times, supporting everyone while trying to keep it together yourself. Hope your ok X

    1. I'm sorry to hear things aren't looking up for your gran either. It's funny as visiting hours aren't that long, 1-2 hours but it's the time around it, it can't be helped but it's just one of those things that just happens to be more important than keeping full track of things. xx

  2. i am sorry that things are not going well on with your granny. I know its tough on you and james and your mom! I hope you have some good luck sometime soon and please try not to cancel your holiday. I had a rough week (like always) at work last week. I took Sunday off because saturday i was not feeling well and i was right! i came down with something. So after 19 week of working sundays I said i am more important then this job, my health comes first. So I spent most of my day in bed drinking tea. And today i feel much better (my dad was right when he said to me that job is not healthy) and today i feel like a big load of stress (as of now) is taken off my back. i am going to try to stop giving my world to this job and start doing things for me to make my self feel good…i work my ass off and put every single check into the bank…and yes, i am looking for another line of work (BUT its NOT going to be the #1 thing I do all the time and not stress about it.) Anyways I hope your world gets better. hugs from everyone on my end to you and yours.

  3. You're doing much better than I am with the steps! I'm not even making it to a quarter of the number I'm supposed too but medical problems are stopping me at the moment so I don't feel too guilty.
    Hope your week ahead is a bit easier for you xx

    1. It's not just where you are but where you began, I've never learnt to drive so I do a lot more walking than most people have so I've only added around an extra 3-5,000 steps a day so whatever extra you're doing than you were before is just as fantastic! It's hard with medical problems too, I have a tumour and half a kidney removed last year, even though I started my weight loss the year before starting it al over again after all my stomach muscles had been cut into made it harder to get back on track. There will always be some problems but I try not to think about it - not as easy.

      Sadly my week is worse, my dad collapsed yesterday and is currently in a medically induced coma in intensive care. At the moment I'm totally frazzled and wide awake from being exhausted, worried and horribly upset. This week is going to have to be about him and screw myself. xx

    2. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!