Saturday 13 September 2014

The Wet Brush Paddle Review

The Wet Brush Paddle £13.99 (from Cult Beauty)

A different kind of product for me with this review, I know it can be kind of hard to review a brush as everybody has different hair types, needs, but I was so amazed I just had to write something. Now I'd heard a lot about it but in my head a brush is just a brush, it doesn't plug in, have a thousand attachments, it's your standard looking hairbrush BUT with all the hype about it and a serious need for a new hairbrush (mine keep going missing, I really don't know what is happening to them!) I decided to take the plunge with The Wet Brush. 

Having ordered online I really didn't know what to expect. Before I opened it up I took advantage of the peep hole to take a quick feel at the bristles, they look normal but they feel different, they are softer, less rigid and thinner (this will be the 'IntelliFlex' technology they mention), after feeling them I was excited, I knew this would make a big difference to my hair. 

I always brush my hair immediately after I shower, on occasion I brush my hair in the shower when conditioning, this brush will work wonders in both situations. The flexible bristles meant that unlike standard brushes my wet hair didn't stretch whilst being brushed but it still worked its way through any knots. 

Front and back
Another feature of the brush are the 'AquaVents' which allow any water to drain, this will be perfect for when I use it in the shower. The handle is also comfortable to hold and feels non-slip, another feature that will come in handy when in the shower. 

Afterwards my hair feels super soft and immediately it's feeling less damaged that usual. On top of that my scalp feels invigorated and only now do I realise how aggravated my scalp had been with other brushes. It's strange as I never realised how much of a difference this brush would make but it's truly a marvellous brush.