Friday 26 September 2014

Life Update

Now I haven't had as much time to post recently as my grandma collapsed and was rushed to hospital two weeks ago and I've been visiting her and supporting my mum. Things were improving on that front and apart from taking Samhain to the vets after a scrap with another cat that resulted in a couple of nasty gashes everything was starting to get back to normal. Sadly my dad collapsed on Wednesday, he is currently in the intensive care unit in hospital, they haven't been able to find out what is wrong and when they initially tried to wake him Thursday morning even though he was able to breathe himself initially, he did go downhill rapidly and they induced the coma again. Of course not only am I busy with hospital but I'm also beyond distraught. Although when we are home we try to act somewhat normal anyone who has been in this situation knows that acting normal isn't really the same as being normal, you are instead distracted with thoughts and just not interested in day to day life. Although writing a blog post is a good distraction I'm just not in the mood to try things out, I do have some half started posts but I also think completing and posting them now is a bit weird. So for now I'm taking a sabbatical, I may pop on twitter with the odd competition entry but I can assure you they will pretty much be a half arsed attempt at being normal. 


  1. lord, so much happened that too at same time , i truly feel bad for you
    i know how it feels family suffers specially parents as i lost my father at a very young age
    Really hope things get better at your end, god bless

  2. I feel the same way. When someone you love is in the hospital nothing is normal. You no longer care too much about what is going on around you. Your thoughts are always on the loved ones. I am once again sorry and I really hope everyone pulls thru and your dad gets better and your granny. Nothing more I can say just i am here for you. thoughts and prayers

  3. just wanted to let you know i am thinking of you