Monday 8 September 2014

Sunday Weigh-in: Another Busy Week!

Another week over, another super busy week at work which meant longer days. Another disruptive week for exercise too unfortunately! At least I did 3 days worth of proper exercise but two hiccups starting Tuesday, Samhain was out and he hadn't come back, the lady cat next door was holding him hostage under a bush! This meant a lot of running around to rescue him - bringing it to 7.30 without having anything cooked so I concentrated on that seen as though my steps were on the up. Thursday ended up being a no exercise night too as I had a sore shoulder and didn't want to make it any worse.

Step wise it was a bit hit and miss, Monday and Wednesday I was just under 10,000, Tuesday I was way over 12,500, Friday I was close to 12,500 and I also managed to do over 5,000 on both weekend days - hooray! Add to that two good exercise sessions it made for a pretty decent weekend. 

I'm starting to do more and more bits around the house, I'm having more energy with less tablets so I have to get back to normal and do my share of the housework. This at least means more cooking from scratch rather than quick cheat meals. Nothing overly complicated just yet but a good decent vegetarian spaghetti bolognese on the Monday and a vegetarian cottage Pie on the Tuesday, both coming in at under 600 calories. Now the weather is starting to cool (not enough for my liking) I've gone back to my love of chocolate ready brek which is actually quite good, not overly calorific or fatty but lovely, chocolatey and very filling! Lentil soup is also making a comeback in our diet, tinned at the moment but I will be starting whipping up my own creations sometime soon. 

Another busy week, mainly as I've got a two week holiday coming up in two weeks time so that will bound to go quickly so I need to get on top of stuff.

Short Term Goals
I want to really get a good routine going before my holiday - not that we're going anywhere but as we're having time off I want to spend it watching films, reading, listening to music and doing jigsaws so my steps will drop off but I will try and get some exercise in. I just want to make up for it beforehand.

Long Term Goals
Halloween, Christmas, I want to enjoy the festive season slightly slimmer and in gloriously fancy clothing!


  1. *waves* I'm getting back on track after taking a break over the summer - it would be great to see you over on the linky again :) I'm impressed to see you're still going strong - I'm using a FitBug Orb to track my walking and calories now :)

    1. Huzzah, happy to! Just typing up this weeks post then I'll link!