Sunday 10 November 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Now I know that is an overused cheesy way to announce my haircut, I couldn't think of anything better but had planned to just go with something as simple as I've had a haircut, however when James came home and uttered the post title I thought I might as well go with it.

However he did say that phrase without realising I'd had my haircut. At this point he had seen my hair, stroked it to check it was dry AND had noticed the bin was full of hair, this is when he uttered "hair today, gone tomorrow", however he had not noticed that my hair had been cut even though I'd had a good 6 inches, possibly more, removed. Rather than annoyed I'm more amused by his lack of detective skills - although I might use this to convince him to buy me a beauty advent calendar.

I was desperate for a hair cut, my long luscious hair had to go, mainly as it was no longer luscious just long. Even still I had to admit to letting out a whimper when it was first cut. That's another issue that prompted me to get it cut, I'm 31, I shouldn't have emotional attachment to my hair and yesterday James had to convince me that I wouldn't be upsetting my hair by cutting it - another clue he could have picked up on!

New cut from the side

This might not seem like much of a cut but I've actually had about half of my hair cut off it now sits just slightly below my shoulder. I've been meaning to have it cut for a while, the fact that my mum is a hairdresser means I really have been a bit lazy and I know I've had other things on but really this should have been done before hospital. It feels so short, I find myself hitting myself with the brush as I still expect it to be a bit longer. It's so much healthier now, I can't wait to play with it and hopefully add a little bit of extra colour to it in the near future.

Ponytail before this is it flipped over my head
 and sitting down near my belly button
and now my ponytail barely flips and now sits the same
length as my fringe

One thing I didn't have done is my fringe, it is in a serious in-between stage, it needs to grow a few more millimetres so that I can cut it a centimetre! but I can do that myself and at the moment I'm enjoying the ease of just brushing it to the side a bit - especially first thing in the morning.

It's funny, once you get over the hurdle of cutting off your long hair you feel the need to immediately go shorter although I think I'll wait until the weather is a bit warmer.


  1. It's crazy how much healthier your hair feels after a cut isn't it?! I love your fringe. It makes me want mine back! xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

    1. I know, I wish I would have had it cut months ago, I want it done again as it feels amazing. It does feel shorter than it really is, I can't stop playing with it! Winter is a perfect time for a fringe, less sweaty, you should get it cut! xx