Monday 27 May 2013

The Benefits of Having a Fringe

I love having a fringe. I didn't have one until my late teens and even with the hassle of having wavy hair I loved it. I grew it out in my mid twenties and after putting on a bit of weight I was reluctant to have my Mum (a/my hairdresser) cut it again. After some weight loss last year (50lbs give or take a lb or two) I wanted to take the plunge again, after being off work for a while this year I thought it's now or never if I want to give it a try. I first went for a side fringe but found myself cutting myself more and more of a fringe and I love it! I need to use my straighteners on it but have found myself straightening all of my hair which I love.

One thing I'd forgotten about was how much I loved to wear hair bands and head scarves. I need to dig out my old ones and look on eBay for some old vintage scarves, they really do look great with a fringe.

Yellow Polka Dot
Orange Stripe
I had a quick search on eBay a few weeks back for some headbands and found a couple of cute ones for 99p, no p&p, shipped all the way from China. I picked up two cute vintage looking items, one orange stripe and one yellow polka dot to try. These are referred to as rabbit ear as the inside is a bendable wire so you can twist them, stick them up, arrange them in bows, whatever you want. I also find these are more comfortable to wear and stay on my head a lot better than stretchy bands that I find to pop off. There were other colours so in the future I plan to pick up more, if you want to find them search eBay for "Rabbit Ear Ribbon Chiffon Headband", I'm sure, well I hope they'll be on for a while.

Yellow Polka Dot Headband with 'ears' up

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