Wednesday 15 May 2013

The 6 Month Challenge - 6 Week in + Betty & Walter Vanity Case

Just slightly shy of 6 weeks in to my 6 month challenge and I'm doing pretty well. I'm halfway through the point of using up the dregs that are left in bottles and jars but I'm not yet fully organised. I'm still overflowing with toiletries, which ain't a bad thing, I just need to get organised so I know where certain products are. Another problem I have is I can't stand to use up a pretty bottle.

So far I've managed to use:
  • 1 x Nails Inc Belgravia Hand Cream
  • 1 x Soap and Glory Hand Food
  • 1 x Topshop lip balm (a first for me, I never use up my lip balm although James does!)
  • 1 x Fructis Hairspray (about 3 to go, I really bought these in bulk)
  • 1 x GDJ Glossy Brunettes Shampoo
  • 1 x Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation
  • 2 x Nail varnish removers
  • 1 x Waitrose 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • 1 x John Frieda Frizz-Ease Mirror Image Heat-Activated Laminator
For me this is pretty good going but my goal is to be tidy and organised, also frugal, at this rate I won't meet my goal. 

Although not to be down on myself, I did get a step further to being more organised. At Christmas I had a couple of products in the Boots catalogue circled. A Betty & Walter Vanity Case and a Betty & Walter make-up Purse. I wasn't really bothered about the toiletries contained I just wanted the cases for their design. Now I circle a lot of things at Christmas, like a child would, I don't expect everything, I didn't receive these at Christmas but my Mum plans ahead. My birthday is in early March so after Christmas she picked these up in the sale, I believe half price, she showed them to me straight away but I had to wait patiently until March to receive them. 

Both items are better than I thought they would be, both bigger and better quality. The toiletries smell divine although I'm yet to try them all out, the Elderflower & Lemon Hand Cream is really effective and smells delightful. I love the feel of the make-up purse- it could really be considered a wash bag and the vanity case is huge. I always had a plan for the vanity case but I didn't really have a plan for the make-up purse, I thought it would end up being another make-up bag, instead I have used it as a convenient, under the desk bag to stash my hairbrushes, combs, bobbles and clips. Now the plan for the vanity case was to actually use it to store cross-stitch, even with the bag James bought me I thought I would use this case to fit in all the larger kits but today I changed my mind.

Contents of the case before I filled it

Next to my computer desk I have the 'currently using' collection of toiletries, every day I knock them all down and James picks them up. This won't be a problem in future as now everything is stored in the generously sized, easy to open vanity case. 

Now Boots don't have any of the Betty & Walter items currently but I hope they have more sets this Christmas. There is the Betty & Walter site where you can buy their gorgeous, retro inspired pieces unfortunately not their toiletries.

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