Monday 29 April 2013

Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick - Black Cherry (Rimmel - Black Cherry Successor? #1)

When I was in Boots the other week  found myself searching for Rimmel's Black Cherry Lipstick. I couldn't find it. I had been hopeful it was still around as I remember seeing it a few years back, although a 'few years' could have been ten. Rimmel's Black Cherry lipstick was a staple of mine as a teenager, not just me, everyone seemed to have it. This is the only lipstick I remember buying where I can still recall the name of the shade. I found myself lusting after this lipstick again so I set out to find out if it was definitely discontinued. I couldn't find it or any real information about when it was last available so I gave up and decided to find similar shades of lipsticks, starting with finding those with the same name and a similar shade, the first one ordered to arrive was Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry.

Having rediscovered my love of dark lipsticks recently I've been prompted to start taking care of my lips. I've been scrubbing them for the last couple of weeks but they are still chapped, smooth lips are always best for dark lipsticks so unfortunately they don't look their best right now BUT this is only if you look closely and care, I'm not that bothered, I don't see many people at the moment anyway.

This lipstick really reminds me of the Rimmel lipstick just better quality. The colour is similar, a beautiful dark red, the Revlon lipstick really glides on easily although there are two problems, one I've already mentioned

  • Chapped lips, they really stand out under dark lipstick best to scrub up first and apply lip balm first.
  • It bleeds. My lips are a bit wonky, it takes me a couple of attempts to get any lipstick applied evenly, I usually layer with multiple coats which isn't really noticeable with lighter shades but with this the more I add the more it spreads. I got around this by using a cotton bud to clean up the spill but in future I think I need to invest in a decent lip liner. 
Close up of the lipstick applied over lip balm
My lips felt soft, not just because of the balm, I had tried it straight on my lips and this lipstick is really moist. The colour is really strong and stands out but is also lasts, after blotting it is even drink proof. If the lipstick seems too dark blotting a few times does take away some of the intensity but your are still left with a gorgeous shade. 

I plan to make use of this lipstick, mainly wearing it with simple make-up, just eyeliner and mascara - like in the last photo. Hopefully in the future I will also have smoother lips. I'm expecting two more colours that I've ordered whilst on my hunt for black cherry lipstick. I will blog about these once they arrive.


  1. Hi, I bought Rimmel Black Cherry from Birmingham Boots Last year!

    1. I knew I'd seen it fairly recently as I was surprised it had lasted so long then suddenly vanished, now it is nowhere to be seen on the Rimmel site. Had another look on Boots and still not back. I'm not 100% it is fully gone though! You should treasure the one you have though!