Wednesday 10 April 2013

Dejunk the Trunk: Part 1

I believe as a youth I was even more interested in keeping my belongings organised, mainly when it comes to make-up. As I've grown older I've been swayed by pretty looking make-up bags rather than practicality. I have 5 Make-Up bags that account for my current make-up, it should be 1. I try and keep on top of what is where but it's pretty impossible. These 5 bags don't account for all my make-up, there are more, lurking behind mirrors, hidden in drawers, I finds one that I have forgotten about. When I was younger I used large boxes, I had a couple of trunks, I was smart. Fortunately I did keep one of these trunks as it was still full of make-up, I couldn't bring myself to sort through it and I didn't want to lose my Universal Monsters stickers. I was even going to get someone to put it in the attic and forget about it for now. Luckily it has been sat outside my bedroom waiting for someone to do this and I've changed my mind. I'm still feeling positive about my six month challenge, I've worked my way through a couple of items already and I feel good, almost thrifty. I have decided to sort out this box, clean it out and more importantly, make use of it. I plan to use this  as my eye make-up box, it will make it easier to see my eye pencils, mascaras and especially my eyeshadows. I think it's a neater way to store it, plus I find when my eyeshadow is in a bag it risks being knocked about too much resulting in loose powder which then goes everywhere.

It may not look like there is too much to sort through but I find it rather stressful that I have multiples of the same item. 2 Revlon Colorstay Lipcolors in Cherry, 3 Body Shop lipsticks in "70", a rather dark red/plum colour, 2 Revlon Day to Night Shadow sticks in Timeless Teal, 3 Revlon Waterproof Creme Eyemarkers in Aqua and 2 Max Factor Colorfast Powder Eyeshadow in a dark green - to name a few. I've been clinging on to these items, I'm not sure whether it is safe for me to keep even the sealed items as they will be so old by now, anything that has been opened definitely has to go. The sad thing is I still love these colours and would still use them, I'm always attracted to anything green. The lesson here is don't bother to overstock on items like this just because you see them cheap, they may never be used, even if it is just a £1 it can be put to better use.

Over the next week I'm going to try and sort through this trunk, clean it up and then locate every single make-up bag I own and clean them all out. Believe me this task is bigger than it sounds.

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