Thursday 11 April 2013

The Wonderful World of IKEA

Oh the joys of Spring cleaning! Really I shouldn't complain, I'm getting a lot of assistance at the moment. Being sat around in my room for hours on end, I can't hide the fact that my collections have grown out of control. Games, DVDs, CDs, Books & Magazines are all left in piles rather than being neatly tucked away. I need more boxes!

My Mum and my partner have both been on the lookout for DVD boxes similar to what I already have. Argos, WHSmith & Rymans have all been browsed several times with no joy. I've always purchased the odd box at a time, I suppose I didn't really think about it but at £5 a box they aren't cheap, they're okay if you will only need one or two but I should have known I would always need more. Nevertheless I was desperate so if they could find a couple of DVD boxes then I wouldn't have minded paying £10 to clear some space.

After another fruitless shopping trip I decided to go on the IKEA website to browse longingly at products I couldn't have. IKEA is cheap enough, that isn't the problem, but I don't live anywhere near one. I was aware that they now deliver but whenever I browsed the site in the past I didn't come across many items that could be ordered online and when I did the delivery charge was extortionate. Still, I decided to play fantasy shopping trip and added a set of DVD boxes to my basket, checked the shipping charge, £5, not actually as bad as I thought. You see the DVD boxes that I couldn't even get in town would be £10 for 2 but via IKEA I could get a set of 2 DVD boxes for £1.90 + £5.00 = cheaper. Needless to say I was over the moon, a very dull thing to be excited about but it would take me one step closer to a tidier living space. I decided while I was ordering I might as well get a couple of sets even if it was going to be £5 delivery per item, I always think the worst so when I discovered the shipping cost would still be £5 for more than one item I went box mad, well up to a point. I was able to get 3 x 2 KASSETT DVD boxes, 2 x 2 KASSETT CD boxes, 1 x 2 KASSETT Magazine boxes, an VANDRING Knob rack (Owl Hanger sounds nicer) and a set of energy efficient light bulbs. I did have a pack of hooks too but that took the delivery to £10, they must charge by weight up to a point, I have no explored the option of replacing my broken wardrobes and the delivery charge would be £15. The total of cost of my order was £28.10, which I consider to be a bargain. The only downfall was the waiting, it was a week until they could deliver but it was worth it.

Being Ikea they are of course self-assembly boxes. They actually come with an instruction booklet. A bit pointless, maybe, but if you don't have experience assembling Kinder Surprise toys you could struggle. They even supplied me with a free dead fly in one of the packets of nuts and bolts.

I couldn't shop at Ikea without purchasing something I didn't really need but liked the look of. I got the gorgeous Owl hanger officially called VANDRING knob rack. I'm not sure where it will go yet, it may even be saved for my first child but it was £4 and I really love owls.

Good job I went overboard with the DVD boxes as even though I walk past the piles everyday I seem to have blocked the fact that I have a load of games and DVDs in the bedroom.

All assembled - Suspiria poster from elsewhere, of course.

£28 is not a lot, compared to what I would have spent in store this is a bargain. Whenever I visit an IKEA I see it as a big shop as there isn't one close by. At the checkout I usually have at least a dozen items I don't really need but the great thing about IKEA is that although they are cheap the goods are high quality and will last a lifetime, if assembled correctly, so I never feel duped.

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