Wednesday 3 April 2013

The 6 Month Challenge

Without the painkillers I'm taking I would be in agony, with them I'm in a strange place. I switch between co-codamol and Tramadol, they don't exactly kill the pain but they take me to a weird fuzzy place. The co-codamol zones me out, I'm relaxed but I don't feel like doing much whereas the Tramadol has a different effect, I'm fidgety a bit zoned out still but talkative, I stare a lot, I want to do stuff I also repeat myself. I learnt early on that although I felt like doing stuff it was in no way good for me, I would end up in a lot of pain afterwards. The ability to move about freely with no repercussions was only in my Tramadol addled mind. Both tablets make me light-headed, off-balance, the Tramadol also makes me hallucinate - I don't think my partner will forget me trying to peel off the devil mask he was supposedly wearing while he was sleeping.

This waffling description of my current state is leading to the challenge. The Tramadol makes me want to do things, I want to tidy and organise. Physically I can't without hurting myself, moving items or just the process of getting up and down is a worry with my wobble, thanks to my Mum I have managed to tidy and sort a corner of my living space, another bonus of living at home, again, thanks Mum. I sorted and she did the moving and lifting. I still feel shattered from the event even without doing much myself but as you'll see the results are amazing.


As you can see, I have a lot of stuff, possibly too much stuff and I'm not too great at keeping it tidy. I don't like to use excuses but over the last year it has been pretty impossible to keep tidy. My partner has been the one to do this but as I've mentioned previously he is useless at putting things in a logical place so I haven't allowed him to really get into my bits and bobs.

Now this is where we get around to my 6 month challenge. Whilst sorting through these mounds of half used creams, perfumes, make-up, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, exfoliators and so on I couldn't help feel that things were going to waste. This isn't news to me, I know I'm like this which is why I took up a Glossybox subscription, I figured that if I had trial size versions of fancy products I would stop buying so many new things. I'm a sucker for a bargain so when a product is launched I usually buy. The Glossybox subscription has helped, a little bit, but sorting out this corner has only highlighted how much stuff I really need to make use of. This is where the 6 month challenge comes into play. For the next 6 months, apart from my Glossybox subscription, I will not purchase more toiletries or make-up apart from the odd nail varnish, I have a couple of orders on there way but after that nothing else. If I run out of things before the end date then fine, this is highly unlikely though. If I manage to do this I will have a clear corner, including the top of my chest of drawers and a large shelf. I will also aim to empty the three drawers I have in the bathroom, I must have two years worth of conditioner. This might seem like an easy challenge, especially for someone stuck at home but being stuck at home I find myself browsing online for bargains. On top of making use of the products I have and making room it will also save me money.

But to tackle this challenge properly I needed to know fully what I've got, organise it and put it all back in a tidy manner, the glossybox subscription is not only good for trying new products but the boxes they arrive in are handy to organise bits and bobs.


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