Thursday 4 April 2013

Barry M - Textured Nail Paint - Atlantic Road, Kingsland Road & Ridley Road

Curses! Why are there so many pretty nail varnishes out at the moment? The easy answer it's spring, pastels always crop up. I could stay away from them if I wanted. I could avoid the shops, not look online and not pick up a magazine but that won't happen. Thankfully these Barry M nail varnishes are a bargain at £2.66 each, naturally I then bought three of the colours out of four. I did order them a few weeks back so before the start of my 6 month challenge - I haven't broke the rules yet.

Barry M has always been a fantastic brand. When I was younger I used to aspire to have Barry M make-up, compared to other brands it actually looked fun and they still are. They always have a fantastic range of colours whether it nail varnish or eyeshadow, along with being very affordable and decent quality.

The textured range is similar to concrete effect varnishes. I was really impressed with how easily and evenly it went on, it also dried rather quickly although I wouldn't go flicking through records straight away as I always find effect varnishes that are bulky move easily.

No more than two coats is needed, one coat would look okay with a good base. Because the varnish is textured it's easy to touch up any smudges or chips without it looking too obvious. A great, affordable way to update your varnish.

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