Thursday 25 April 2013

A Normal, Healthy, Active Lifestyle - Here I Come?

Needless to say the answer is, no, not quite. At least not until I've had my surgery. However instead of wallowing in self-pity (well, not quite) I have decided to be proactive, somewhat. Behold, my Mini Bike:

Ultrasport Mini Bike

This may not look like much, which it isn't, it's a mini bike like it states, but it does open up a world of possibilities for me. At the moment I'm stuck at home which may appeal to some people, it would to me to some extent but not all the time. Half of what I miss is just being out in the world seeing people and contributing to society in a normal way the other half is getting out there, being active. I'm in a bit of a weird place right now, I'm in pain all the time making it hard for me to get about or I am taking painkillers all the time which don't kill all of the pain but they distract me, they also make me a bit buzzy, rather nauseous and VERY light-headed. Some days I can honestly say I understand how this guy feels:

I do sometimes get taken out for walks, like a dog but without a lead or tail, just somebody to hold on to and to catch me if I start to lean too far one way or if I need someone to pass me something from the bottom or top shelf, everything I seem to want is either on the top or bottom shelf. I also take a lot longer than I usually would which can be very frustrating for the other person involved as well as myself - but mainly the other person. I do really like getting out for a bit but even on the medication I feel rough afterwards, it is worth it though. 

Now I don't expect the mini-bike to increase my fitness levels to what they were before but I do hope it will at least raise them from the bottom bar to the nest rung. Up until my surgery I can concentrate on using the bike for 5 minutes an hour for a few hours a day, I can sit on the edge of the bed to do this which is ideal. Hopefully by doing this it won't be harder to spring back to fitness after the operation and using it after as well will  help me regain my strength and give me that urge to get back to my normal routine.


  1. I hope that you're in less pain now, that bike looks perfect for getting back moving again.

    1. The best thing about it is I feel like I get some activity without twisting my top half like I would on a normal bike or cross trainer which is the bit that causes more pain. I still actually get that tired feeling after. One thing I've noticed from not working out is that I don't feel as refreshed when I wake up, another thing I'm looking forward to getting back! xx