Saturday 31 August 2013

Bedroom Makeover Part Three: The Final Part

It only seems like yesterday that I decided the bedroom needed to be sorted out once and for all, weeks have passed and we finally have it all done. With little time to play with on weekdays when James was working and myself not being able to do much lifting or moving we have surprisingly managed to get the whole thing sorted in super quick time, our main delay being the two week wait for items from IKEA online. I'm now beyond happy, with such small cheap changes the room feels so much warmer, like a comforting cocoon for us to relax, listen to music, read books and watch old films. The old mattress at the end of the bed that only ever felt like a hindrance now makes me believe we just have a sleigh bed with a super high foot-board. I just want to shut myself in this room.

The main differences to the room is the amount of space we have. All the clothes that were in boxes have been vacuum packed and most of these are now living in the trunk that before this hosted an eighth of my clothes in that room and a few dozen records. As I spend a lot of time in the bedroom at the moment there was an enormous amount of clutter but it was clutter that was needed in there. My beauty products, books, games, jigsaws,  DVD's, Blu-Ray's and cross-stitch all in there. As I couldn't get all the things so easily myself from the other room a lot of the items were brought through and left in reach which was took up half the bed. If you've forgotten the mess then go back to this post. So it wasn't just about decreasing the amount of space the items that aren't currently used at the moment were taking up but also storage solutions for the stuff I do need. The simple answer was to buy a bookcase.

Now IKEA is one place I love, I haven't been to a store in a while but luckily they have a great number of items they will deliver and you can order online, unfortunately it isn't everything they stock. We had to be careful to find a bookcase that would fit in a limited space luckily there was one that would just fit, the BORGSJÖ bookcase, at £55 this was the most expensive item in our order (not that I was paying) but for the quality it is a complete bargain.

We will start at the bottom and work up. To be practical I have added some of the heavier, larger books I want to keep in that room to the bottom shelf, I've squeezed them in but have left a bit of room for a book that is supposed to be on that shelf. Puzzlingly I can't seem to find where I have put my copy of Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower, if you know or own this book and are aware of its size you'll be amazed that I've managed to misplace it, I can only imagine it is with my copy of Studies in Terror by Jonathan Rigby which has also gone missing. Once they are located they will be joining the other books and my boxes of games for my 3DS and the Xbox in weighting down the bookcase.

Next up is my shelf of beauty products, I've skipped a shelf that has all my cross-stitch and drawing pads as it is still a bit cluttered, although it can be just seen in the first photo. I have a number of products I use daily, I use Simple in the morning Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser and in the evening I cleanser my face to remove dirt then use Skinetica to remove even more dirt! Followed by using up some Soap and Glory Serum. Once I've used this up I have the lovely Nelsons Pure & Clear skin care set to use, I love being able to try the full set of items in a range. They are currently running a competition on their website (here) to win the complete set of the range each month so get entering! Then I have lip balms, make-up, nail varnish, nail varnish remover and wrinkle treatments I'm making a half-arsed attempt at using.

Now this is my pretty, empty shelf. I hadn't planned it beforehand but I ended up placing one of the new VÄTE table lamps from IKEA on the shelf rather than the bedside table, it really lights up the room in a warm cosy way now it is higher up. I love birds so I have loads of bird related little bits and bobs,  even though when I bought the colourful clip anywhere birds back in May I had no idea what I was going to do with them they really add to the shelf. As I say it's the pretty, empty shelf, I have two boxes of Sunday music on the end which still need to be filled but that's another blog post, the wonderful scented candles bought at the same time as the birds and whatever my current book I'm reading is. The aim is to keep the shelf tidy so we don't ever feel cluttered.

Now the top two shelves and the top are taken up with books, DVD's and Blu-Ray's .Books that I plan on reading next or again and DVD's/Blu-Ray's I plan to watch next. There should be a steady turnover of books if I make the effort with my reading same with watching the DVD's and Blu-Ray's although there will be quite a few that will remain there as some I just want to watch over and over. The old lamp is on the top at the moment as we need to replace the main light fixture so having the lamp up top really brightens the whole room, although most of the time I prefer the softer lighting.

So that's the bookcase, the perfect encapsulation of what I'm doing at the moment.

I didn't just stop with the bookcase, I wanted to make the most of the delivery charge so ended up getting two basic RAST bedside tables. They are completely basic as we are limited with the space, we have one on each side except I've moved mine. Although it will fit by the side of me I feel I can make better use of it by putting it next to the bookcase forcing me to sit up to turn the alarm off, very sensible thinking I reckon.

Finally, you can't do a bedroom makeover without changing at least some of the textiles. We ended up with two different styles of bedding, the one not pictures is actually quite an old-fashioned looking paisley print which I love. The other was a bargain, I actually bought a new super low tog MYSA GRÄS quilt ready for winter (the house is sometimes a lot hotter in the winter), the ÖDESTRÄD quilt cover set with 4 pillowcases, a GOSA VÄDD pillow designed for people that sleep on their back, 2 long KÄLLNATE cushions (I love to wrap my arms around something when I sleep) and a Lyndby fleece throw for the nights when it is colder. This isn't quite my ideal bedding line up, I'm not a big fan of quilts I prefer to layer with sheets, blankets and bedspreads but at the moment this is the next best thing. The total cost of all of the bedding shown came to £36, a complete bargain.

Now we hopefully won't remain at my parents forever but for now we do feel slightly more at home.

After a successful project I always like to think ahead to what can be done next. We already ordered a few pieces from IKEA to make my old bedroom, which is currently our living room/dressing room more liveable which is what we'll start on next. After that I have another plan, we need to sort out the CD's.

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