Wednesday 14 August 2013

DVD + Blu-Ray + Book - Additions to My Collection - Post-Op Edition

Not having an income and being mainly stuck in bed hasn't stopped me updating my collections. Mainly thanks to saving vouchers for a rainy, depressing, stuck in bed day and my partner treating me and then grumbling that we don't have anywhere to put things once they arrive.

Now I already have a huge collection of DVDs and a decent size collection of Blu-Rays but I have a fear of things going out of print, this fear is usually unfounded but there are a few items I didn't order only to see them going out of stock leaving behind the odd seller with an overpriced copy. I've always been a cheap collector, I rarely would buy items on release until recently. These days you can sometimes get a better price on an item if you pre-order. I don't like to spend more than £6 on a DVD or £10 on a blu-ray unless it is a special edition. So I try and sit tightly, almost like bidding on an auction, sniping before the item goes out of stock.

1. Withnail & I - Blu-Ray Steelbook -  Zavvi . I have seen this film too many times but I never get bored and the steelbook is too pretty to ignore.
2. Evil Dead 2 - Blu-Ray Steelbook - Zavvi. I love the Evil Dead films (I say that without seeing the recent re-interpretation) I already have the steelbook of the first so wanted to carry on my collection, now I just need Army of Darkness on steelbook, well, if that happens.
3. Belle De Jour - Blu Ray - Amazon. A fantastic film, a gorgeous edition from Studio Canal, like a hardback book rather than DVD case.
4. Delicatessen - Blu Ray - Amazon. Another from the Studio Canal Blu-Ray Book editions.
5. The Third Man - Blu-Ray - Amazon. One of my all time favourite films and my third and final blu-ray from the Studio Canal book editions.

1. Metropolis - Blu-Ray - Amazon. I have been kicking myself for a while as I was slow on the uptake and didn't purchase the steelbook version when this film first came out on blu-ray. I was already kicking myself for picking up the DVD a few months before they announced they had found lost footage. I decided to bite the bullet and buy the blu-ray when I could get it for a tenner as the steelbook copies that are available will have to either go down in price by a lot (copies currently go for close to £100) or I would need to win the lottery, either way I won't mind having triplicates. Now I just need to do the same and buy a copy of M, next time I either win a voucher or earn some vouchers.
2. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie - Blu-Ray - Amazon seller Movie Store - I love John Cassavetes, I feel completely entranced watching his films, they bring me such joy just because they are so damn good. I kind of think it is best not to read the description before watching one of his films, they sound depressing and the subject matter is, the pace is usually slow but everything flows so naturally by the end of them you feel as if your life has been enriched just by watching them. Which is why I went for the 3-disc collection rather than just the two. I adore this film.
3. Dracula - Blu-Ray - Amazon. Classic Hammer. Classic Horror. Classic Dracula.

1. Motel Hell - Blu-Ray - Amazon. I love this horror film, it gets more enjoyable each time I watch it so I needed the blu-ray.
2. Spider Baby - Blu-Ray - Amazon. I've been wanting to see this film for a while and I wasn't disappointed. Great edition.

1. Don't Talk to Strange Men - DVD - Amazon. Haven't watched this film yet but the trailer made it look like a prototype slasher, not necessarily with the slashing.
2. Tread Softly Stranger - DVD - Amazon. Another one I haven't seen but I'm always allured by Diana Dors, a fabulous actress.
3. Yongary/Konga - DVD - Amazon seller Movie Mars USA. Another from the Midnite Movies collection to add to my collection. I always love creature features, from old classics to today's cgi infested ridiculousness.
4. Une Femme Est Une Femme - DVD - Amazon. I have yet to watch but with it being Jean Luc Godard, it has been on my list for a while.

1. American Horror Story - Blu-Ray - Amazon. Surprisingly I really liked this series, usually the most hyped TV series and new horror films I hate. I preferred the second series but find it impossible to order our of order. Plus the second series is too expensive on blu-ray at the moment, series 1 was only £16 when I ordered it but has shot up to a whopping £25.98, I must have got lucky!
2. 30 Rock Season 6 - DVD - Amazon. Love this show but always forget to watch it when it is actually on sky. Always have to pick up the box set.
3. Grange Hill Series 3&4 - DVD - Amazon. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, I loved Grange Hill when I was young and actually preferred the repeats of the early series, I still can't get enough of it.

The above photo shows the first lot of my Network sale super buy. I love it when they have a sale on, they have so many good horror/thriller/creepy anthology series on offer. The sales are also fantastic, they are usually around half price, this last time it was 40% off pretty much everything.

1. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World - DVD - Network. This series is shown on Sky quite a bit, or was fairly recently, I got fed up with managing to record the same episode over and over, never anything else.
2. Stainless Steel and the Star Spies - DVD - Network. A treat for James.
3. Tales out of School - Blu-Ray - Network. A collection of the films of David Leland.
4. King of the Castle - DVD - Network. A children's TV series from before I was born, if it sounds good and it's cheap I'll have it, especially if it sounds weird.
5. The Corridor People - DVD - Network. Another series from way before I was born. Described as a surreal crime/fantasy adventure in the mould of The Avengers, must be good!

The second photo showing my Network buying spree.

1. Beasts - DVD - Network. I just love an anthology series.
2. The Dark Angel - DVD - Network. A BBC adaptation of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas.
3. Shadows series 2- DVD - Network. A spooky children's anthology series.
4. Shadows series 3 - DVD - Network. Same as above but the next series!

Now on to the books.

I love these Mystery & The Supernatural collections, I already own several but wanted to add more to my collection in time for Autumn. At around £3 they are well worth the money.

Spurred on by the tragic loss of Karen Black last week I decided to look in to buying what I consider my favourite film starring her, The Day of the Locust, set in the glamorous age of 30's Hollywood The Day of the Locust takes a cynical look at a group of residents of the run down San Bernadino Arms. This film has such a weird effect on me, it wraps me up in glamour just as much as it disgusts me. It truly is a classic and I would love to see a special edition blu-ray but fear this could be just a pipe dream. I'm still holding out which is why, in the meantime, I thought I should make the effort to read the book.

I'd also been hearing good things about The Vogue Factor and also wanted to add to my Agatha Christie collection which is very small (one shore stories collection), I used to always borrow them from the library instead. I really should make the most out of having time to read.

Now the only problem with all the DVDs and Blu-Ray's is I can't actually watch them at the moment. When I'm stuck at home in the day I would have to to ask my Mum to put the dvd/blu-ray in but at weekends James and myself are doing plenty of dvd/blu-ray watching from the bedroom but I have plans to get the blu-ray moved so I can reach it. The only other problem with that is the mess. Things I need are piled to hand, James has been sleeping on the floor as one half of the bed is full of handy stuff/magazines/books/games/and so on. So we are starting a project, mainly my idea, I decided it was best to start the big clear up project while I'm too invalid to lift a finger. I will instead plan everything out, help with some light stuff and generally be a bossy boots. In the end it will be worth it, even though we are still in my parents, the bedroom will be transferred into a restful haven where we can relax, watch films, play games, listen to the radio and read. Even when I am fully recovered I want a stressful tidy environment to relax in. The first step is sorting out all those boxes full of clothes, I just hope 14 vacuum storage bags is enough!

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