Sunday 23 June 2013

It Never Rains But it Pours

Well it has been quite a while since my last entry, I haven't lost joy in doing this just the whole ill health thing that has prevented me, well that is the main and first reason. My last post was just before my hospital visit for some pretty hardcore surgery. The surgery went really well there were just complications after, the surgeon thought I would be out in 2 days but I ended up in for 6 because of the complications, I managed to cover a wide spectrum complications wise - high temperature (hitting 40c), high blood pressure (so I'm told, those numbers mean nothing to me), heart rate around 120 bpm and I needed oxygen for 4 days. I have 5 holes soon to be scars, 4 for the actual procedure and 1 for the drain I had for 5 days afterwards draining blood, I had to carry this about with me like a handbag of blood, it was really gross. I also had the pleasure of having a catheter, which I didn't mind, There was no way I was able to get out of bed to sit even on a commode next to my bed the first few days I was in. So it has taken a bit longer to recover than expected, it was also seriously painful once I was taken off the morphine I would give the pain an 8-9, even on morphine it was sometimes a 7.

I'm still mainly bed-bound and borrowing my parents laptop, I try to be a little active but after pushing it a little too much last weekend and nearly ending up back in hospital I'm trying to be a bit more cautious as even little things can be a setback, I was feeling pretty good yesterday but in the evening I had hiccups and today I'm feeling lousy although not nearly as bad as before. I've been bed-bound for 17 days, it is killing me, I can only sleep on my back so I'm anxious to get a proper cosy nights sleep - I'm also daydreaming about going on holiday. I am getting better though, I still need a bit of help getting about but most of the time I can get to the toilet okay and can finally sit myself up in bed! I'm moving a lot more freely now so I feel like I'm getting there, slowly but surely, next step will be showering everyday. I also get the bed to myself, James has been sleeping on the floor since I've returned from hospital to give me plenty of space and to avoid causing any setbacks with his tossing and turning.

My bed is surrounded by entertainment, I have everything hooked up and within reach, DAB radio next to my pillow, Xbox streaming netflix and lovefilm, books and magazines piled high and just recently I've been borrowing my parents laptop, this has come about because of a very bad thing, my computer has kicked the bucket. I should have prepared and transferred my photos from it months ago, I knew it was on the way out, I should have been ready but with my health to think about this has played second fiddle, well fourth fiddle. It's beyond repair, I know this, I patched it up just over a year ago knowing it didn't have long left. I will get my photos back at some point, hopefully, but for now I have to find a way to scrape together some money to get the computer I've picked out, hard when you aren't earning but I'll find a way. At least I can use my parents laptop to do the things that are important but there won't be any proper blog entries for a while, I was going to wait until I could sit at my computer anyway but things have changed. I'm not angry, or that frustrated, I've accept the death and have already moved onto my next desktop. I was also treated to a Nintendo Animal Crossing Limited Edition 3DS XL, so that will keep my spirits up for weeks to come, along with my psychedelic cat sweatshirt, I can't be angry when I'm wearing that!

Thursday 6 June 2013

Freak Out Time

Well this is it. I'll be away for a while, I hate not being able to use my computer but for the next few days I'll be stuck in hospital, after that I'll be bed bound for a while spending a very limited amount of time on the internet. I really don't know when things will be back to normal. James will be looking after me along with my parents. At least I have a present from James to look forward to when I get out.

Right now I should be thinking that at least by this time tomorrow it will be all over but I'm just freaking out. I'm wide awake, mainly thanks to the medication, but also my nervousness won't help me in my quest to get to sleep so I'm staying up watching junk TV. I figure being sleepy tomorrow can only be a bonus. I just want it over with.

I'll be up at 6:30am so I can have a little breakfast, but after 7am I can't have anything apart from still water, from 10:30am I can't even have still water, the operation is in the afternoon and it will be my first proper time under the knife and under a general anaesthetic. I just feel a bit freaked out, I'm excited about getting it over and done with but the actual procedure, no, I just feel scared. I'm worried about waking up mid operation, being alone, being stuck in hospital for days on end and the pain of recovering afterwards.
Just roll on next week then it will be truly over.

Monday 3 June 2013

Latest in Beauty - Summer Lovin' Discovery Box

Another little treat for myself, the Latest in Beauty Summer Lovin' Discovery Box. I ordered this last Wednesday evening and received it this morning (Monday), I just love beauty boxes. This box included more full sized items than most but it is a one off, themed box aimed at providing all you need for a beautiful summer.

Velvotan Self Tan Mitt full size (£2.99)

I don't own a tan mitt, I've never really ventured in to the world of fake tan but the way my year is going I will need to find a way to boost my skin colour, without the sun.

ST. TROPEZ Instant Glow Body Lotion 50ml (Full Size: £12.26 for 150ml)

A lightweight cream that gives an instant tan that is easy to wash off, when needed. I can't wait to see if this makes me look healthy or slightly yellow.

Richard Ward Volumiser Root Booster 50ml (Full Size: £19.00 for 150ml )

I've never tried this brand before but I'm always looking for more products to add volume to my hair. Although Swell worked wonderfully the more I find that work the better.

Batiste Dry Shampoo  travel size (£1.50 for 50ml)

I love dry shampoo, I need dry shampoo. I have plenty of full size but knew a travel sized one would come in handy in hospital. I received the cherry version which is one of my favourites.

Bellápierre Mineral Blush full size in Desert Rose (£29.99)

A gorgeous busher from Bellápierre. This will work perfectly if I manage to shake off my ghastly, pasty complexion.

Bellápierre Mineral Eye Shadow full size in Wow! (£12.99)

A very versatile eye shadow, can be mixed in a moisturiser or lip balm or alternatively add water to use it as an eye shadow, eye liner or whatever you want really. I love Bellápierre make-up but it is a bit out of my price league.

Cosmopolitan Perfect Finish Blush Brush full size (£4.99)

A beautiful, always useful, angled blush brush.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Strip Lashes full size in Gracie (£6.00)

I've always preferred trying to enhance my own eyelashes rather than wearing false lashes but recently I've felt like trying them for the odd special occasion, I'm looking forward to trying this out to see how I feel about falsies.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Lash Curler full size (£7.00)

I've had many lash curlers, they always end up going missing so with this pair I think I'll try and keep them in the pretty box, hopefully that will keep them safe.

STEAMCREAM Nourishing Moisturiser 75g full size (£12.95)

The design is SEDUIRÉ. A natural, unique moisturiser, the ingredients are fused together with a shot of steam. You must have been living in a cupboard if you haven't seen these gorgeous tins around, beautiful designs, too many to choose from so it's easier if someone chooses for you. Would make a perfect present, especially the horoscope designs.

This box was a bargain at £14.95 - one of the full sized items cost double this, a rough valuation, although not that rough as only two items are trial size, is £88. This is my first Latest in Beauty box but I will definitely keep an eye out and pick up more boxes from them in the future, this box has felt like a fabulous Christmas stocking.

Saturday 1 June 2013

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Update #2 (Support Your Local Independent Shops)

Well I didn't go out to buy stuff for myself today apart from a few magazines and some bits for in hospital which strangely makes it feel like I'm going away on holiday. Today was really about picking up birthday presents, tomorrow is both my Mum's birthday and also her sister (not twins, born 21 years apart just on the same day!), I wanted to pick up something special. I usually buy things online, especially at the moment, I've bought all of James presents online although he will have to wait for his presents as I'll be in hospital, but had been a bit lost with what to buy for my Mum and Aunty Jane.

Although my town is lacking chain stores it does have a fantastic selection of independent shops, I really do mean fantastic. I know I can go in the arcade and buy an outfit, shoes, jewellery, make-up, gifts, eco products and scented candles, all for a reasonable price. That is the one thing that I really think stands out about these shops, the prices, they are all reasonable. Usually I find the independent shops, although good quality, a bit on the expensive side. I don't blame them, I imagine it must be hard to run a single shop and make enough money to cover the rates so I don't expect them to have New Look prices but local shops like Divine Trash manage to get the right balance of good quality, cheaper items to more high-end bits. It's hard not to want to buy everything in this shop, the layout is perfect.

and this is why I bought myself two tops! A couple more updates to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Beautiful pieces, I love the patterns and colours. I'm so pleased with these purchases. I can't wait to get out of hospital, start to get active, all so I can wear these tops out, figuratively and literally.

Nümph Miranda T-shirt £20.00
Nümph Lenny Top £22.00
Birds £2.50 each

Next stop was Atticus Boo, a gorgeous gift shop that I buy the majority of my birthday cards from. I picked up my cards, a Burts Bees lip balm, the two beautiful birds pictured above and finally, a present for my Mum. Okay this might be a bit of a novelty present but it is a pretty funky watering can.

Over to Jantar now, I wanted to pick up a piece of jewellery for my Aunty Jane. I decided to go with some cute drop earrings. I really love short drop earrings myself so hopefully my Aunty will love them.

Now a new shop in town! I'd purchased some of the Wild Olive soaps at Christmas, one for my grandma and one for my undies drawer. The candles I hadn't seen before though, now they smell divine. I love the Lily Flame candles but with these on my door step I will stick to buying local. All products are natural, contain no animal ingredients nor are tested on animals although they do have soap for dogs! The candles (£6.50 small, £10.99 large) smell so nice I ended up buying two for myself along with one for my Mum and my Aunt, plus a bath melt (£2.25 each) for each of them, nor only do they look good enough to eat but the smell good enough to eat too. I also picked up a couple of jute bags to put the gifts in, great value at £1.25 each.

Now this point we had pretty much exhausted the Cavendish Arcade although we will be back tomorrow to go to Pizza Express with my Mum and Dad for lunch, I might try and persuade my dad to buy me the mint jumper I saw in Divine Trash but know I can't afford just at the moment.

We headed to the main shops, picked up loads of little bits and a couple of make-up items in Superdrug, some magnetic Looney Tunes bookmarks, a book for Father's day (really doing my best to plan ahead as I know I won't be out for quite a few weeks after next Thursday), and a wide selection of magazines, I like a good selection so made sure I've been fully varied with what I bought.

After that a few food bits from Waitrose and a frappe latte from Caffe Nero. Finally I'm resting at home enjoying my vegetable tempura and tofu from my favourite Chinese restaurant, exhausted, in pain but very happy with my afternoon shopping.