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Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Sharon, I'm 33 I started this blog as I was having health problems which has led to me being off work for quite a while, I'm now back to working full time as I've had a tumour and half a kidney removed so most of my health problems are gone but I also have PCOS, Hympermobility and Hypersensitivity - go me! The reason I started this blog was to give my life some sort of structure and because I like to write, take photos plus I have a wild collection of everything and I do love to show it off.

Myself, All dressed up with nowhere to go

I've always been fascinated with cosmetics, I think I had my first make-up when I was 5 with the Tinkerbell range and it is still something I love. I love make-up, I enjoy applying it but at the same time I'm happy to leave the house without any on. I love to play with and am under the strong belief that your make-up is always at its best when you've done it at home and have no plans to go out.

My blog started off purely to review items and show swatches*, primarily to do with nail varnish even though I'm not the best at applying it I love to wear it and finding that perfect, won't ever chip nail varnish is important to me. My blog has changed though, about 13 years ago I opened an account with Live Journal and started to write a personal blog there which I loved, I kept it up for years until my mid twenties when life became too busy to write. Once I started to blog again I couldn't resist the urge to start typing more personal entries so I like to think of this as a mix bag of beauty, cat stuff, my hauls and my hoarding.

I'd also like to state that although I wear make-up my look is for myself, I'm not trying to achieve anything and I don't think make-up is necessary, personally I don't always wear make-up out so for me it's all about fun.

* With swatches I sometimes use flash when I take photos other times it will be natural light but whichever I use I always make sure the photograph is representative of the colour of the product featured.


Well a bit more about myself. I love animals. I love cats. I hadn't had a cat in a while, I grew up with a girl cat called Tabby, pictured below, she was just adorable and is sorely missed. I moved back in with my parents a few years after I became ill for fear that I wouldn't be able to afford to rent plus I saw it as an opportunity to start to save, which I am doing, slowly. Now mum wasn't interested in a cat but a cat was interested in us, The Beast, moved in with December 2013 on the day my grandad died. We eventually found his owner but he still lived with us until he died, which sadly was only six months down the line. He was rather old, 18, and had a massive tumour but his quality of life was good, we knew it was going to happen but we really did have a fantastic six months with him and I'll be keeping this page dedicated to him.

Tabby gone but hard to forget, especially with this image

I thought I'd be heartbroken for ages and didn't plan to look for another cat but one just came along, we adopted Samhain from the RSPCA, this story can be found on this blog post. I basically dedicate my life to him, we have issues but we're working through them, all this documented on his own little page.

Samhain and I

I'll try and keep it short about my other interests. The three basics play a big role in my life, Film, Music and Reading, I'm passionate about them all. Film wise I love old horror, giallo, Hammer, Portmanteaus, musicals and all sorts of oddities, I collect dvd's and blu's, I try and keep an up to date list online on Film Aficiano and Blu-Ray.com but they're both in need of an up date! A more relevant insight would be Letterboxd as this is where I log what I watch. Music wise I love it noisy and weird, or lo-fi and calming, My favourite band as a child was The Cure and I totally loved Prince, this hasn't changed but I do have an expansive collection, I like to think I'm open-minded but I have to say if it makes the charts I'm unlikely to like it. I try and read as much as possible, as an ex-librarian I feel the need to but I don't get as much of a chance as I did when I worked there - although I still borrow books. I love Chuck Palahniuk, Muriel Spark, John Wyndham, and just all sorts of classic fiction.

On top of the basic three I suppose the next thing would be really what could be considered a modern basic, gaming. I've gamed all my life and although I'm picky with what I do play I do like to get some gaming in weekly. I have two big loves, tycoon/simulation type games (oh how I love Roller Coaster Tycoon still) and Grand Theft Auto - I really do believe it's the perfect game. On top of that I love Minecraft, Portal and are fond of the Saints Row series.

Now the final thing I will mention is fitness, I love to exercise and am on a mission to lose some weight. Having starved myself when I was younger to stay thin, and I truly mean I starved myself, I'm doing it the sensible way. This means, No quick fixes, No cutting of food groups and certainly No cutting corners so I eat slightly less than I should and exercise around 4 times a week. It's a slow and painful way but it's worth it. So far I've lost around 70lbs and I hope to continue this. I do love trying new ways of working out and love a good gadget!

Anyway, if you've made it to this page and read this far, thank you, have some (vegetarian) trifle.

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