Sunday 13 December 2015

AMBCS PCOS CFS - Odd One Out? The Health Update

Samhain even Practises Pilates

Now I don't dare to even look how long it has been since I posted a health update so I'm not even going to check. A lot has been going on, too much has been going on in truth. Work has been busy, with the odd trip into Manchester for college I've been feeling more exhausted than usual. Now this isn't why ended up at the doctors, I was in for a simple medication review, but fortunately for me I have a fantastic doctor.

I've been taking painkillers for years now, since before the surgery on my renal tumour, so this was a standard check-up but my doctor read between the lines. I've been tired for some time now, not just a bit sleepy but without my painkillers, tramadol, I'm barely able to get out of bed. Without taking them I have about a half an hour window, I can drag myself up, nip to the bathroom for my ablutions, make a brew and then I'm back in bed, unable to move, speech slurring and unable to get myself out of it without the tablets. Part of me has questioned whether this is simply psychosomatic, possibly because of this thought I have feared bringing this up with my doctor but, as I had a night appointment this week, I was tired and slurred through everything. My doctor reviewed my notes and picked up that I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in my early 20s. Something I hadn't considered, I've always been half and half over the reason for my tiredness, either the surgery or the use of medication for so long, never looking for another source.

I have a follow up appointment in January to go through it all. Part of me is relieved, if this is the case it will explain everything, and although I don't know what the solution will be or what this means in the long term, knowing that it could be something helps. My worry these last few years has been how do I cope without the medication? But at least now this will be addressed. Although the thought of always feeling tired, never knowing the restful feeling of a good nights sleep is terrifying.

Now of course these posts always focussed on fitness, health and weight loss. This is something I still strive for but it isn't the focus of my existence. I'm still doing it, so to speak. I eat what I like in moderation and exercise, it appears that it is paying off. My doctor didn't recognise me at first and admitted this after weighing me, I've lost 10kg since March which I'm pretty damn chuffed with. This year has had so many ups and downs so to keep this going along with plenty of cake eating is my success story of the year. I still love the gym, it's my little sanctuary where I can get sweaty under air conditioning whilst listening to music and pull daft faces, I can't imagine a better pastime, well, not in public.

So the title, the odd one out? all letters can be associated with myself, but there is only really one that I would shout about. I'm an open book, I like to share experiences but I don't think that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) nor the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) define me. Sure, they effect me but they aren't me, but the AMBCS? Well that is Associate Member of the British Computer Society. I never talk about my career but I moved from libraries into a role involving computers a couple of years back, it's something both new to me and something I've been surrounded with my whole life. There really aren't enough women I.T. so maybe I should shout about it a bit more and make myself count.