Sunday 16 October 2016

Purrfect Box September 2016 Review

Well, it has been ages since I've posted, my life has been chaotic and continues to be so, hence the late review, but when Purrfect box asked me whether I'd like to review another box for them I had to say yes, I mean why should Samhain suffer? I mean when I'm busy at work Samhain is busy at home, either snoozing or eating. Damn it, I want to Freaky Friday that cat and take his life!

Things have changed since we last received a box, the box itself is smaller but still a generous size. I love the new print on the box, it's gorgeous which means I'm keeping it to store Samhain's treats.

He was super excited to get in the box, he couldn't without my her help but I always let him try. If there is a catnip toy he goes simply gaga which happened with this box.

So what did he receive?

Trixie Fur Care Glove

Now Samhain loves to be brushed, in the morning as I brush my hair I'm expected to brush his fur also. We always get ready together. I really like this glove as I can groom him, remove loose fur easily and get under his legs easily. He loves the feel of this but it freaked him out at first.

Trixie Catnip Toy

Samhain can always sniff out the catnip toys, he's a catnip obsessive and always loves adding to his collection, he's like a spoilt child.

Trixie Balls

Samhain loves to play, with me at least, if anyone else dangles something in front of him he really isn't that bothered.

Sanal Soft Sticks

These soft style deli chews are my go-to treats for Samhain, he loves them, a little too much sometimes - he sometimes ignores the chew part of the treart and attempts to swallow in one go!

Purr by Wagg Tasty Cat Treats Hairball Control

Samhain is a treat obsessive, although he is sensible with his eating. I have to admit there are rarely any biscuits he doesn't like but there is always a risk, he enjoyed these and anything to keep his hairball under control.

All in all I love the new design of the box and Samhain loves the contents.

The box was sent complimentary to Samhain and myself for an honest and open review.

Purrfectbox costs £19.90 a month or sign up for three months and pay the equivalent of £18.90 a month, six months and pay the equivalent of £17.90 a month and an even better deal if you sign up for 12 months, it will cost just £16.90 a month. Not only that but you'll also be helping out a great cause.

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