Tuesday 19 January 2016

Purrfectbox Christmas 2015 Review

Now I couldn't resist giving this to Samhain early, he deserves an early Christmas present, plus he had plenty to open on the day - in 2014 he got so excited he marked everything with urine!

He loves his subscription box, it has to be hidden from him until I return home, again, for fear of marking with urine. Now Christmas is always an extra special time for me, and I have to admit to spending a little more on my cat than most people would do, he gets a main present and a stocking full. Now as I mentioned before we couldn't wait, and I'm glad we opened it as it is full of Christmas goodies for him, so what did he get?

I'm going to start with what I find boring (the edible stuff) and end with what I find exciting (the toys) of course Samhain loves it all equally.

Now we know the Iams biscuits well, Samhain loves them, but I have to say I wouldn't be able to tell you if they've always done a wet food as these are the first time I've seen them. Samhain can be a picky eater, he loves something for a while then wants to switch to something else so trying anything new is always good, he isn't more fish than poultry, nor does he choose jelly over gravy, the one thing that makes a food exciting to him is a mystery to me but I'm hoping he loves these. This is a 100% complete wet food which is also free from added artificial flavours and colourings. Despite being sceptical, he can be super picky with wet food, Sahain loved these sachets. Certainly one for me to pick up for him in future.

These are tiny little snacks, made with chicken, tuna and catnip. Samhain has loved the other Trixie snacks he's tried before and loves these just as much. I always find it interesting when snacks have catnip in even though Samhain is a nip eater rather than player, any nip toys he licks to death, nip leaves he eats, so actual catnip snacks should be right up his street. I'm hoping for more Trixie snacks in future boxes as I can't pick them up locally unfortunately.

You know I never think about supplements for Samhain, I usually try and make sure this is covered in his food but as he is a bit picky I just can't be too sure. Kelp Care is made from 100% natural sources, I used to take kelp myself but wasn't aware of the benefits for cats but the packet lists the pros as: Healthy Skin & Promotes Hair Growth; Aids digestion (pre-biotic); Boosts Immune System; Supports Healthy Joints and Limbs; Amino Acids - Taurine for healthy eyes. Samhain is an ageing cat, I adopted him with the knowledge that his age wasn't fully known but around 10, so the healthier I can keep him the better which means I'm happy to give this a go. The packet is 40g and the recommended portion is 4g so there are 10 servings in a packet, enough to see how well it does for Samhain.

Okay interlude before the toys, and actually my favourite item in the box, a Simon's Cat food bowl!

This is so adorable. Amazingly I haven't bought Samhain a bowl for over a year, I considered buying him a new one for Christmas but I simply ran out of money so I did some slow claps and chanted YAY on sight of this. It's slightly bigger than his other bowls but that is better than being too small, although I have just considered keeping it for myself as a cereal bowl? Okay, I won't, he can have it, and it will be full of yummy food for him and as it's melamine I can't break it, I hope!

Okay, on to the toys, I did group them all together here as he has an overwhelming amount of Christmas toys in this months box.

Good Girl Catnip Chewies Reindeer - this is a really sturdy toy for him to play with, I like the material of this as it's tougher than most and will soak up any catnip spray top ups I need to do.
Pet Brands Play & Fill Stocking - Samhain is a catnip junkie, there are certain strains of nip he loves and the good thing about refillable toys is that if he doesn't quite like the nip with the toy as much as others I can mix and match. Of course from the first photo you can see he moved straight for this toy, most likely for the nip, not just the jazziness of the stocking.
Happy Pet Father Christmas Fishing Rod - Samhain is a right rough player, he will skid around after this before catching and licking the feathers to death. We go through rods quite quickly as he loves pouncing out at them from his little tunnel - of course he doesn't get the whole festive thing but I love bringing out Christmas toys for him and this is very, very jolly.

As usual the box also contained the delightful mini magazine Purr Notes, and on top of that, isn't the design on the inside of the box fabulous?

Now Samhain has been spoilt, and was also spoilt rotten on Christmas day. It's a lovely box and although it has Christmas themed goodies they are welcome all year round.

The box was sent complimentary to Samhain and myself for an honest and open review.

Purrfectbox costs £19.90 a month or sign up for three months and pay the equivalent of £18.90 a month, six months and pay the equivalent of £17.90 a month and an even better deal if you sign up for 12 months, it will cost just £16.90 a month. Not only that but you'll also be helping out a great cause.

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More information on this can be found on their website.

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