Saturday 1 June 2013

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Update #2 (Support Your Local Independent Shops)

Well I didn't go out to buy stuff for myself today apart from a few magazines and some bits for in hospital which strangely makes it feel like I'm going away on holiday. Today was really about picking up birthday presents, tomorrow is both my Mum's birthday and also her sister (not twins, born 21 years apart just on the same day!), I wanted to pick up something special. I usually buy things online, especially at the moment, I've bought all of James presents online although he will have to wait for his presents as I'll be in hospital, but had been a bit lost with what to buy for my Mum and Aunty Jane.

Although my town is lacking chain stores it does have a fantastic selection of independent shops, I really do mean fantastic. I know I can go in the arcade and buy an outfit, shoes, jewellery, make-up, gifts, eco products and scented candles, all for a reasonable price. That is the one thing that I really think stands out about these shops, the prices, they are all reasonable. Usually I find the independent shops, although good quality, a bit on the expensive side. I don't blame them, I imagine it must be hard to run a single shop and make enough money to cover the rates so I don't expect them to have New Look prices but local shops like Divine Trash manage to get the right balance of good quality, cheaper items to more high-end bits. It's hard not to want to buy everything in this shop, the layout is perfect.

and this is why I bought myself two tops! A couple more updates to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Beautiful pieces, I love the patterns and colours. I'm so pleased with these purchases. I can't wait to get out of hospital, start to get active, all so I can wear these tops out, figuratively and literally.

Nümph Miranda T-shirt £20.00
Nümph Lenny Top £22.00
Birds £2.50 each

Next stop was Atticus Boo, a gorgeous gift shop that I buy the majority of my birthday cards from. I picked up my cards, a Burts Bees lip balm, the two beautiful birds pictured above and finally, a present for my Mum. Okay this might be a bit of a novelty present but it is a pretty funky watering can.

Over to Jantar now, I wanted to pick up a piece of jewellery for my Aunty Jane. I decided to go with some cute drop earrings. I really love short drop earrings myself so hopefully my Aunty will love them.

Now a new shop in town! I'd purchased some of the Wild Olive soaps at Christmas, one for my grandma and one for my undies drawer. The candles I hadn't seen before though, now they smell divine. I love the Lily Flame candles but with these on my door step I will stick to buying local. All products are natural, contain no animal ingredients nor are tested on animals although they do have soap for dogs! The candles (£6.50 small, £10.99 large) smell so nice I ended up buying two for myself along with one for my Mum and my Aunt, plus a bath melt (£2.25 each) for each of them, nor only do they look good enough to eat but the smell good enough to eat too. I also picked up a couple of jute bags to put the gifts in, great value at £1.25 each.

Now this point we had pretty much exhausted the Cavendish Arcade although we will be back tomorrow to go to Pizza Express with my Mum and Dad for lunch, I might try and persuade my dad to buy me the mint jumper I saw in Divine Trash but know I can't afford just at the moment.

We headed to the main shops, picked up loads of little bits and a couple of make-up items in Superdrug, some magnetic Looney Tunes bookmarks, a book for Father's day (really doing my best to plan ahead as I know I won't be out for quite a few weeks after next Thursday), and a wide selection of magazines, I like a good selection so made sure I've been fully varied with what I bought.

After that a few food bits from Waitrose and a frappe latte from Caffe Nero. Finally I'm resting at home enjoying my vegetable tempura and tofu from my favourite Chinese restaurant, exhausted, in pain but very happy with my afternoon shopping.

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