Sunday 26 October 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: It Feels Like Another Week, Same Excuse

A quick update is never simple, of course I got to fitbit to get the figures for the last two weeks and I realise it hasn't been synchronising even though the computer has been on and I've been in here. As you can tell this means I haven't been checking up on myself as recently. So, I'm just trying to fix the problem which means ten minutes of it asking me whether the tracker has power, yes! Nothing has changed, this always bugs me even more so when I have so little time to spare.

Anyway, enough whining. My dad is still in the hospital but at a neuro-rehab centre where he could be for weeks, months. I'm back at work full time so of course this means there is a clash. I have decided to give myself a little bit of a break, two nights in the week and one day at the weekend. There will be other people going down, mainly my mum, so he isn't completely abandoned but I do need some rest.

I did tell myself that I would exercise today but I've chosen lazing, cooking a proper lunch (vegetarian cottage pie and cherry sponge) and once again lazing. In all honesty I do really need a rest, I'm shattered, run down and for some strange reason my right side has been bad again, kidney pain in the half I have left. Possibly just an infection but I just feel like crap. I'm setting my sights on the near future. After our cancelled holiday, which came after waiting months to take a full two weeks off, we've decided we still need to have the break, it will still be at home but my mum will be around which might mean we are disturbed every thirty minutes to do a job - if that does happen I will have a breakdown as I am at breaking point. We will try our best to enjoy a week off though and I will fit in at least two 20 minute hardcore workouts and one 30 minute yogalates session in between visiting my dad, film marathons and trying to update my lists that show what dvd's and blu-ray's I already own so that I don't get giddy and order duplicates.

My eating has been completely out of order too apart from when I'm back at work but even though I've switched back to sandwiches to save time in the evenings which means I'm having the same amount of calories but less food by volume so I do snack slightly more than I would usually do and our evening meals are generally what we can be bothered to do after 9pm.

I'm trying to do my best to be normal and although I'm not obsessively checking my fitbit I am trying my best to walk more during the day.

Right, I've finished my post and I'm still trying to get fitbit to synchronise again......

.................. always seems to do this after I've fully charged it, anyway,

Not too bad, I'm glad to see an improvement this week compared to the previous one, I've like to make sure I hit 10,000 each week day as I don't think I'll be doing as well on my week off unless I walk the 15 miles to where my dad is...never going to happen!

One thing I should mention is how sorry I am that I haven't been able to check in on everyone but I hope you are all being amazing and feeling wonderful!

Short Term Goal
I'm just going to try my best for now and keep trying to get my steps up - must work harder at weekends.

Long Term Goal
A bit less of me by my 33rd birthday, I hope so, and no more kidney pain oh and smaller tits - they're just a pain in the arse over a c cup really.


  1. Phew .... and breathe !! Your life is a whirlwind at the moment. Make sure you cut yourself some slack - in your shoes, I'd ditch the exercise altogether for a while and just chill out (unless you're one of those people who find exercise relaxing !). Sometimes life gets in the way of your best intentions to don't beat yourself up over. Hugs for you and your dad. (And your long-term goal cracked me up - has that always been there ?!!)

    1. I do like exercise but at the moment I'd prefer to sit down for a bit and play Minecraft or watch a film. I will try to fit in a little next week but I'm just too overwhelmed right now.

      Just updated it, they're annoying me and I can't find my other good bra! xx