Sunday 12 October 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: General Update

It's just over two weeks since my dad collapsed, I've been in hospital with him daily, up until a few days ago I was in most of the day also. So everything has gone out of the window which is why I've been quiet blogging full stop let alone my weekly health and fitness update. My dads condition isn't fully clear yet and it could be months until he recovers, if he fully does. So my mind has only been on a few things, I was off work up until last Monday but have still taken some time off to go down so my days have been full but as he is making some improvement and I've got a little more time to myself I thought I should do a quick update.

Okay so my routine is out of the window, no exercise for the last month (my gran collapsed around 5 weeks ago so we've really been run off our feet, she is currently still in hospital). I've been tracking my steps but to be honest I haven't even looked to see how I've been doing as the only walking I've been doing when I've not been at work is in the hospital, in the early stages when dad was still in the coma I did nip across to the shops to pick up groceries as we didn't have much time when we were at home, the hospital is a 45 minute drive so not exactly close by. I just haven't been checking so I'll go to fitbit and do my last three weeks of walking - which will be a surprise, I couldn't predict all I know is that I'll be under 10,000 each day by quite a bit.

Food wise I haven't been great either, not logging, my day is such a mess I'm eating less food but more calories as I tend to have a meal when I can which is quick and easy rather than light-ish meals and snacking. I've found myself not having a proper lunch, then getting hungry after visiting hours and picking up something pointless like chocolate before having a proper meal, - I'm all for everything in moderation but I prefer to be eating well the rest of the time.

I hope to get something back on track this week, I know I won't have time for exercise as I've be leaving for work at 8.30 and not coming home until 9pm but I will try and work on my steps and try to eat better in the day.

Short Term Goals
Exactly the paragraph above.

Long Term Goals
Right now I'm just concentrating on getting through the year and getting back down to a steady routine.

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  1. Oh Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about everything that's happening to you at the moment.Weightloss/fitness is obviously and quite rightly the last thing on your mind right now so don't even worry about it. Sending hugs for you and your dad xxx