Friday 30 August 2013

Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow Brown Collection

Good things always come in threes, as the Revlon lipstick earlier demonstrated. I obviously spend a lot of my time on Amazon looking for make-up in packs of threes, the Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow brown collection is one of them. You can pick up a set for around £10 on Amazon, depending on the seller although I'm guessing cheap make-up stores may also have it in.

As a teenager I lusted after Bourjois make-up. The packaging was always exciting and fun along with their colour range but you couldn't knock their natural style make-up. They seemed quite costly when I was younger but I would always buy whatever new mascara they had out as there would always be an offer to go along with it other than that I could only could afford the odd other piece an eyeshadow here or nail varnish there. Brown eyeshadow was popular in the 90's, it symbolised the natural look no matter how heavy you went, or so you though and I loved it. I turned my back on brown eyeshadow for a while in favour of brighter shades (namely green) but in my late twenties I realised I should start using brown as it really suited me.

So skip to my early thirties and I have browns from nearly every brand but Bourjois. When I was at the age where Bourjois make-up was really quite affordable I started to neglect the for more expensive brands, fickle I know. Earlier this year when browsing Amazon I came across the pot sets,  I really wasn't after any new brown eyeshadow but I liked the set and part of me felt excited purchasing Bourjois eyeshadow again, even nostalgic. Bourjois eyeshadow has always been good quality, nothing has changed the little pots last for ages, as long as you don't drop them, the shadow on your eyes will last a good working/school day. The set is a perfect starting point, a good solid basic set. The thing that might annoy some people is that the colour comes out quite pale compared to how it looks in the pot, I prefer this as I like to build colour rather than worrying about getting it smudged in the right place the first time round but it can be frustrating if you want a really dark, smoky look but don't have 15 minutes to layer it on.

The set contains 05 Brun Ireel - a light, everyday brown, 08 Beige Rose - a very pale beige/pink shimmery shade and 54 Marron Glace - a dark brown. In the photo I've used each eyeshadow in the set for a basic, Autumn/Winter daytime look. I've used 08 Beige rose all over my lid and up to the brow, 05 Brun Ireel all over the lid and finished it by using 54 Marron Glace as an eyeliner on my upper and lower lids, followed by just a coat of mascara. Use this with the W7 Naked Eyes Nudes Eye Shadow Palette and you have a perfect set.

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