Tuesday 13 August 2013

Pastel Nails + White Polka Dots

I've loved having pastel nails this year, I've picked up so many shades but as I've mentioned in a past post I feel Autumn brewing. I love Autumn and Winter, I love the darker months, I prefer the cold. When it gets to Autumn I automatically switch to darker colours, golds, rust, browns, 70's style clothes, thick jumpers and cardigans. My nails go metallic. Even though we are still only in August my mind has switched to Autumn thanks to the temperamental weather bringing cool breezes into my room. So I wanted to do some styles that have thought about doing all summer but the whole hospital/surgery/recovery thing has prevented me (only in the sense of it being too much like hard work/can't wear nail varnish in hospital) from doing. With the aid of my partner who was kindly there to fetch the things I needed after a lengthy description and to hold the pots for me as I'm still in bed I came up with this:

To say I came up with this a bit strong, all I did was alternate between light lavender, mint on my nails and then topped them with white dots. So pastel nails, white polka dots and a petrified looking, inanimate bunny. 

I used Essie's Nice is Nice for the lavender, nails inc Royal Botanical Gardens for the mint and I used Rimmel Brit Manicure white nail tip colour for the dots, I knew it would come in handy! 

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