Friday 7 February 2014

Little Nuggets of Happiness February 2014

Now another week of being busy with just general life stuff - one positive to this includes being more active, the negative has to be not having enough time to blog. This is why I've decided to do a weekly update with little things that bring me joy.

Now of course this isn't just things I've bought but this week it can't be helped as it was pay day last Friday.

 Flowers, lots of flowers. I have to buy them for myself but that doesn't make them any less exciting, colourful and just plain gorgeous. I'm a bit obsessed with purple so the purple tulips and purple poppies were must haves.

Speaking of flowers I was overjoyed to find my Sainsbury's Local had a gorgeous tall, vintage looking ridged vase for only 5 British pounds. Unbelievable, I'd been after a tall vase but not actively seeking, thanks to Valentine's day being around the corner I managed to get one for very little money.

More candles, I haven't used all I have up but Waitrose had these in for a very reasonable price - for the life of me I can't remember but I believe they were on offer and under a fiver, usually £6 which is still good for such a gorgeous design and scent. Oh, about the scent, I went for one Lily of the Valley (the green) and one Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea (the pink) The Lily of the Valley is rather fresh and clean but the Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea is very floral and sweet - I wouldn't exactly say it's a youthful scent but I've noticed as I've aged the things I find pleasant to smell have changed and are still changing.

A bit more make-up, not that I need it! I fell in love with Sleek make-up last year, their i-Divine palette Showstopper is amazing so I decided to add something a bit more natural to my collection. The blue Pout Paint was something I've wanted to try, a bit weird I know but I had to. A couple more nail varnishes from OPI, from left to right, Lights of Emerald City & I Have a Herring Problem.

A fabulous new, perfectly fitted and amazingly warm hooded sweatshirt. A Totoro one to be exact, I love Studio Ghibli and I do find myself picking up My Neighbour Totoro goodies when I can and this was a bargain on Ebay at £17.99.

Of course The Beast has been his lovely silly self all week. Even though I got a claw in my face on Monday - not on purpose, it was rather amusing. He was sat on the back of the sofa cleaning himself, wobbling, so I was watching him thinking, will he go down the back? a second later he did slip down the back - his paws came out to grasp what was closest and my face made a good hold - luckily I also reached out and caught him. In typical cat fashion he acted as if nothing had happened and started to clean himself.
After this he did make a wonderful companion, James was away for a couple of days so he looked after me in the night, cuddling up with me and cleaning my hand.

Speaking of The Beast I managed to pick him up a beautiful new bowl for a few quid from my local pet shop, adorable isn't it?

Now some food goodies. Salted roasted giant corn from INKA snacks (bought in Waitrose) this is the most amazingly tasty snack, I can't explain how gorgeous it is but it is so moreish, I've stockpiled on this.
Plus exciting miso soup, my local Waitrose had the itsu vegetarian miso soup pastes from - in good old Ren & Stimpy fashion, Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The final nugget of happiness is a freebie - a new app for me, 7 Minutes Workout Assistant from App5ive. I've been more active lately, walking more, using the cross trainer, I'm starting to feel better (op last year) and now I want to feel stronger so extra work outs for me but still gentle. I actually discovered this after I couldn't use the dvd player downstairs as my mum was recording, instead I started looking for an app that could help me out and 7 minutes is perfect.

Well that's my excitement for this week - hopefully next week will also include more exercise! 

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  1. I love flowers, candles and animals too. Hehe
    The hoodie is so cute! :)
    I need to start working out again too. I got lazy over the last days. Not to mention I've gained lots of kilos due to some pills. Ugh!
    Thank you for follow me. :)

    P.S.: English isn't my native language, excuse my eventual grammar mistakes. :D