Saturday 1 February 2014

Nip+Fab DIY Glycolic Peel Kit - Post Review Review

Nip+Fab DIY Glycolic Peel Kit £35.00

Now this has to be considered a post review - review. In my ASOS shopping spree (well one of them) I purchased the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix pads - these ex-foliating pads brighten, re-texture and moisturise the skin. My skincare routine is pretty slack and I was in desperate need of new skin this year. I'm on the verge of 32 and before I start to tackle the signs of ageing I want to tackle my "youthful" problems. My problem is my skin isn't that bad, it isn't great but there aren't huge problems I can easily deal with. My pores are too obvious, I have blackheads and my skin is oily. I don't expect to solve all my problems but even 25% better would really make a difference. To be honest the best thing I've found for my skin is sleeping on my back, last year after the surgery, I spent months sleeping on my back and it really improved. This doesn't stop me wanting a decent routine and these pads were perfect which led me to looking into buying more.

The pads are £12.95 for 60, not exactly cheap but not blowing the budget either, I went direct to the Nip+Fab website (I absolutely love shopping directly with the brands I love) and after adding the pads to my basket I noticed the DIY Glycolic Peel Kit - I was intrigued and excited. A complete skincare kit at £35.00 this product works out £10 cheaper than buying the individual products. This includes, aside from the pads, their glycolic fix serum, deep cleansing fix and glycolic facial kit. I signed up and paid rather quickly only to realise afterwards as a new customer/subscriber I was entitled to 10% off my first order, I hadn't even noticed I was so excited about trying this out. I did email them and they very kindly refunded me £3.50 - I was very pleased with this as they could have easily ignored my email.

This is how my skin is now, problem areas include where my nose was pierced.

Now I know the pads work well, my skin is already looking clearer but I'm waiting until I've finished the original pads I purchased until I try the full kit - I'm finding it hard to try things out properly at the moment as it is so cold! I don't think I've been so excited to try a skincare product out since I was a teenager. Which explains what happened a few days later, they had a flash 30% sale and I had to buy another kit along with the Winter cherry body kit £7.00 this includes wild cherry body wash, body butter, lip butter, hand cream and a shower puff and ultimate skin fixes kit £7.99 which includes clean fix gel, scrub fix and shine fix.

Well, it was near the end of the month and I still had cash in the bank! 

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