Sunday 23 February 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: Inches not Pounds

Another half frustrating, half positive week, I'm feeling more toned, my clothes are looser but it is still annoying not to see the scales slip down but really I'm still adjusting to my increased activity.

It's been a funny week, I've been feeling grotty, tired and sore. Basically a bit blah but I've kept up my steps. I've done over 10,000 steps every day apart from Wednesday but even then I managed 9869. Yesterday (Saturday) I managed to do over 10,000 and today I'm aiming to keep my steps up without leaving the house, I'm nearly at 4,000 so there is still a way to go.

My steps are becoming steadier, I'd prefer to be doing 10,000 a day all week rather than 12,000 week days and much left at the weekend.

I have managed to keep up with the exercise, I haven't gone running since Tuesday, sadly one of my aunts passed away the previous week and the funeral was on Tuesday and I just felt the need to get out after but as I've been felling pretty run down I've stuck to either using the cross trainer, the 7 minute workout or lifting weights.

I have found a good way to get out at the weekend, yesterday I went shopping, that made my steps up PLUS I bought myself a beautiful kimono by Motel but from a local shop and a pair of boots from Dotty P's a complete bargain at £15. I can also do more steps by breaking them in today!

I really shouldn't have bought anything as I have a shopping tripped planned next week, I'm partly excited about the gorgeous items I'll hopefully find and buy but I'm also excited about the amount of steps I'll do!

Also, at the end of the week my partner and I will be having a film marathon/sleepover - this means mattress downstairs and film after film after film, it also means, popcorn, sweets, pizza and Quorn hot dogs. I always work for it first so I'll get some exercise in and try and get some steps up, possibly with a quick walk into town or even in the country if the weather improves.

I'm still having a problem with my eating, I've been so hungry again this week, not sure if it was because I was coming to the end of my period or if it was the increased activity but I'm working on this and I have a plan of action. First a little background, myself and James moved in my parents a couple of years back when I first became ill but also to pay off any debts and to save for a place of our own (although with house prices what they are I really don't know), we have to do things around each other and James and I sometimes find ourselves eating as late as 9.30pm. I find I snack as soon as I get in and aren't that hungry when it comes to eating a proper decent meal. New plan is to eat as soon as we get back home and exercise later, usually I'll exercise first but the plan is to have a meal as soon as we get in, not particularly large, followed by a little snack later.

Anyway, time for some quick lunch before hitting the cross trainer.

Short term

Exercise - Keep my steps steady PLUS cross trainer PLUS weights.
Food - The plan is to eat our tea as soon as we get in before exercise, hopefully this will help.
Goals - I want to enjoy myself this week as we're having a mini break, I'm looking forward to seeing how many extra steps I do when we're out.

Long term

Exercise - I want to take up kettlebells and start to use the gym at work
Food -  Control some of my urges, spread my calories more evenly throughout the day. 
Goals - I have a pair of trousers from Joseph that I used to wear all the time when I was in my early twenties, I still have them and love them so I would like to fit back in them along with all the gorgeous dresses I have. Still the same! 


  1. If your clothes are looser, that's all you need to know - don't worry about the scales ! :) Thanks for linking up xx

    1. Thanks sweetie, it is sometimes hard to feel like I'm doing well when the dial isn't moving! xx

    2. I know exactly how you feel, believe me ! xx

    3. It's nice to know because sometimes my thought is completely irrational and I can feel like I'm the only one! xx

  2. Oh very nice dear,
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  3. Stop looking at the scales if your clothes feel better your doing well.
    I find i'm the opposite to you I can control my food quite well but exercise is non existent I really need a kick up the bum to get moving


    1. Definitely giving up with the scales - I think as I had plans for a little break I felt more pressured, feel much more relaxed now.
      I'm usually okay with food - I take metformin for PCOS and have recently stopped taking them briefly whilst trying to cut down on pain medication - my periods have become irregular again and I think that has knocked me for 6 - I'm feeling quite positive now.
      I think with exercise the problem is time, I don't know anyone that has the time to workout it is just getting into the habit, I always enjoy it when I do, I think once you start doing it regularly and find something you love it makes it easier to squeeze it in! xx