Saturday 22 March 2014

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Dahlia

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Dahlia £14.00 (from Cult Beauty)

It feels like I've been waiting for ages to try a product from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics , 100% vegan and cruelty free, my kind of brand . Yet I've only just picked up two of their Lip Tars, one natural and one I'll be talking about today, Black Dahlia.

I'm first to admit I'm sometimes swayed by some obscure reason to pick a product, well it's true I usually pick two colours at opposite ends of the spectrum which is what has happened here. Although if I was just to choose one I would have gone for this, with the name Black Dahlia I can't help but think about one of the most fascinating unsolved crimes in history, that of the murder of Elizabeth Short AKA The Black Dahlia in 1947, the slaying of a glamorous woman hoping to make it big in Hollywood. I'm not really a true crime expert but I find this crime, the aftermath and her life before intriguing. Yet a silly reason to choose a shade of lip colour.

Back to the product in question. I love the little kit, a brush is necessary to use this product which makes it a pain to carry around, well it would be without the little kit which includes a mini brush, perfect to throw in your handbag. Following the instructions I started on the inside and worked my way out using just a tiny dab. It's really important to follow the instructions, a little bit goes an awful long way, plus it is best to use the brush, using your fingers will mean you'll end up with it over your face and everywhere else. I just added a tiny little in the photo of my lips above, slightly less than is shown on my hand, it was super easy to apply, the brush is perfect for this product and I could get good, even coverage. It stains instantly making it easy to build up colour rather than just smudging it around.  Afterwards I  blotted to increase the longevity which worked perfectly - It remained as dark as when first blotted for at least 4 hours after.

The colour itself is super dark, it's really quite hard to get a good photo of the tube in daylight because of this but you get a good idea from the photo above - it does look like a tube of blood though. Black Dahlia is a dramatic dark red shade with a slight hint of purple. Although I think my dad summed it up best when he said it looked like I'd been eating cherries - it then struck me how much this reminded me of Rimmel Black Cherry - a product that appears to have been discontinued, I spent last year looking for a replacement product and although I found a few nice ones I think this colour is a better replacement.

I love this little kit and at £14.00 it's not exactly budget but it's also not going to break the bank, for the amount you need to use I'd say this is completely worth the money. 


  1. So amazing! I'm in love both with the shade you've picked and the product itself - it looks super high-quality. Furthermore, it does suit you a lot! :) How about following each other via GFC/Bloglovin'/Instagram/FB page? I would love to :) just let me know on my blog and I'll make sure to follow back asap! Have a nice day babe xx
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    1. It's fantastic, highly recommended! I can't wait to try the lighter colour I have now.