Tuesday 7 April 2015

Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume Black Mascara Review

I've been expanding my Barry M collection having previously mainly stuck with their nail varnishes, which I love, and the odd dazzle dust eye shadow. Over recent years their range has expanded greatly and at their prices it's hard not to have a flutter.

I'll easily spend £20 on a mascara but if I can save money I will, this comes in at a very reasonable £4.99 for 7ml. The packaging is rather grandiose with its metallic pink tube, show-stopping font and lid of stars it makes a rather sweet gift for a loved one or girlfriend.

Now price is spot on, the packaging looks great but moving on from the superficial aspects, how well does it work?

The wand is quite standard but I found it coated my lashes evenly and lifted them without leaving clumps or uneven coverage. I found as well as lifting it curled my lashes neatly and although the wand was quite dry I liked the effect, it may not have been over-the-top, false lash effect I was left with grand daytime lashes without much effort. As the wand is fairly dry I was able to easily coat my lower lashes too.

I found it to be durable, I was able to wear for 8 hours without a single smudge or dried lash. I sometimes find that I have wear showing leaving a slight smudge under my lower lashes but I was able to make it throughout the day without this happening.

All in all this is a perfect budget mascara not only giving lush lashes but durable ones to boot. 


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