Monday 27 April 2015

Barry M Speedy Nail Paint in Full Throttle (SDNP1) Review

Whilst choosing my next nail varnish for the coming week I decided to be optimistic about the weather which is currently chucking it down after a week of glorious sunshine. I'm guessing that once it is time to return to work the sun will once again poke its head from behind a cloud and give us some beautiful weather that I won't even be able to appreciate whilst shut away. My nails will provide a sunny glow for me instead. 

This is my second nail varnish from the Barry M Speedy Nail Paint collection, I'd say it is slightly brighter than the others as, although it looks rather like a pastel peach shade in the bottle, it happens to be super lucid once applied making it a perfect holiday shade. 

The main selling point of this Barry M collection is the time it takes to dry, I haven't heard anyone complain that their nail varnish dries too quickly so I'm sure most people would welcome this. I usually find myself not having the time to do my nails but this range does what it sets out to. After an application of two coats my nails were touch dry within five minutes and completely usable within fifteen, I now have no excuse for not doing my nails. 

At £3.99 Barry M are arguably the best value for money when it comes to nail varnish, there is no skimping on quality as I always find their nail varnish lasts as long as brands that cost twice the money. There just isn't a downside to this brand at all.

I'm now just simply dreaming of having every single shade that they have to offer. 


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