Tuesday 19 May 2015

Purrfectbox April 2015 Review

My postman has been cruel this month losing my parcel but fortunately Purrfectbox were only to happy to send Samhain another box to review*

Samhain loves a surprise box as much as I do, when I arrived home he was patiently lounging by the box waiting for it to be opened. As he has had quite a bit of excitement recently - not the good kind, new cat on the block causing him to become quite stressed which has led to cystitis - poor boy! So it is nice for him to have a treat whilst he is being treated, although, I thought it would be best to take it downstairs to avoid over excitement in my bedroom!

I love the size of the Purrfectboxes, they're usually, if not completely, packed with full sized items. Sometimes a sample isn't quite enough to get a proper idea on how well your pussy will take to an product. I also like the fact that it is usually full of brands that I haven't heard of or can't get locally. Not being able to get them locally isn't a big deal for me, I'm in a small town so I usually order items online I just don't necessarily think to order them online when I'm simply wishing to try things out.

Free trial alert! 
Purrfectbox are currently offering a free trial box - there is a cost for delivery £2.90 but as the products total over £30 it's well worth it. More details on the free trial can be found here but as they're a very helpful bunch feel free to contact them if you have a query.

So what did Samhain get in his box?
Posing like a pro
before curiosity got the better of him

A quick sniff of the nip before filling up the toy
Samhain has a painful grip when he wants something
KeekaBoo Buzzy Frog Catnip Toy
I can be a bit wary with catnip brands I don't know, some are better quality than others so I tend to stick to brands I know and have tested with him. Samhain went crazy for this, I allowed him to sniff the tube of catnip first and he became incredibly excited. The catnip is 100% organic American catnip, which I think has to be Samhain's favourite kind. I decided to fill the toy to see if he was still gaga for it and he was, much to my displeasure, just look at the grip he has on me, even when I dropped the toy he continued to grip onto various body parts whilst rubbing, licking and "making love" to his new catnip toy. I love the fact that I'll be able to keep topping up the toy easily for freshness.

Zolux Feathered Mice (pack of 3)
Samhain might be (approximately) 10 years old but he plays like a kitten, I can't believe how active and playful he can be. I usually try and play with him daily but he is quite keen on playing with himself when the odd ball is left out. He loves toys that are feathered, and soft, he loves to "catch" but doesn't always for for little mice. I like them as these mice are light enough but it is possible to throw them for him to go after, although right now he is simply snuggled up with one feeling sorry for himself.

Vitakraft Luffa
I honestly didn't have a clue what the luffa was or how it applied to cats but I decided to use it on him how I would use one, without the water. This went down a treat, I don't know why but he just loves to be rubbed with this. It's such a cute little design and very well made. It also removes loose bits of fur from him meaning that I'll be storing this with his brush.

Camon Animal Farm Treats&Snacks Complementary Feed for Cats in Chicken & Cod
There are a lot of varieties of cat snacks on the market (although nowhere near as many as there are for dogs), but these have to be the oddest. An Italian brand with an interesting range. These snacks are almost like like a meaty liquorice allsort for cats! At first Samhain wasn't quite sure how to eat them, he would lick them quite keenly but he couldn't quite chew them properly. Samhain has lost a number of teeth but doesn't usually struggle but at first this was a problem, we had another go and on second attempt he could easily chow down them and enjoyed them very much - I must have been holding them at the wrong angle at first.

Affinity Advance Adult Salmon & Rice Complete Biscuits
Samhain is a real biscuit muncher, he loves a crunchy biscuit - I love a complete cat food, so we're both winners here. It also covers another must for me, fish, I would like him to eat more fish but as he can be picky with his wet food a fish dry food is perfect. This is a salmon and rice mix offering high protein protection, natural polyphenols, healthy skin & coat, urinary care, dental protection and intestinal health. Samhain deserves to be looked after and a good quality food is something I'm happy to pay a little more for.

There is a 20% discount on Advance which you can use by going to MedicAnimal.com or Pet-SuperMarket.co.uk:
ADD25 for Puppy Food and Treats from Advance.
ADS25 for Dog Food and Treats from Advance.
ADC25 for Cat Food from Advance.
Valid until the 31/05/2015

Biospotix from Biogance
Of course Samhain cares very little for dealing with parasites, that is down to me, the easier the better and these pipettes containing a natural solution are ideal for me - and him - too much fuss and he will hide! One application offers up to four weeks protection. I really love the fact that Purrfectbox includes a "health" product as with so many out there it's sometimes hard to know which to go for,

It has been a great box for new discoveries this month, the catnip toy is a huge hit as are the weird snacks - now he has worked out how to munch them. Another nice bonus is the little booklet that not only includes information on the contents of the box but a wealth of cat related information, it really is a nice quality pamphlet.

*The box was sent complimentary to Samhain and myself for an honest and open review.

Purrfectbox costs £19.90 a month or sign up for half a year and pay the equivalent of £17.90 and an even better deal if you sign up for a year, just £15.90 a month. Not only that but you'll also be helping out a great cause. For each box Purrfectbox that is sent out the company donate part of the proceeds to help pet charities, so even better, you aren't just treating your own puss but also those less fortunate moggies. More information on this can be found on their website.


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    1. He is spoilt rotten! But deserves it! xx